brand creation 101
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Deksia’s Brand Creation 101 breaks down the branding process. We provide the comprehensive information you need to know when and how to build a brand that accomplishes your goals.


Chapter 1 – What branding can do for your business

Chapter 2 – How to find the right agency

Chapter 3 – How discovery and research work

Chapter 4 – Choosing a name

Chapter 5 – Designing a killer logo

Chapter 6 – Using your style guide


What is branding really?

Think of your brand as your foundation. It encompasses your visual identity, your communication, and the feeling you create for your customers.


Do I even need a brand?

Many businesses overlook the true growth potential branding provides. They want to skip ahead to the more exciting part—generating leads and closing sales. The branding process is often woefully misunderstood. But here’s the bottom line: If you have a business, you need a brand.


Can’t I just start with a marketing strategy?

You could, but we don’t recommend it. Your marketing efforts are tactics, but your brand is your strategy. Tactics alone won’t get you very far. A solid brand makes your strategy clear—unifies your goals, supports your vision, and streamlines your efforts. While marketing efforts may fluctuate, your brand—when built correctly—will stand the test of time.


Can I create a brand myself?

A viable brand needs more than a great logo or a cool website. With something as important as your business, it’s not worth taking a chance. The guidance of an agency that has a proven track record of building successful brand that accomplish their clients’ goals can save you a lot of time, money, and effort.


In any case, make sure you understand the basics before you get started.