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Name Changes Can Lead to a Better Visual Communication

Once a name change occurs, it becomes a vital component of every other visual communication aspect of that brand. And in my opinion, 9 out of 10 times, what we’re dealing with are issues of communication. Often, a client is unsure of how to best talk to consumers. So it’s our job to help them convey the most relevant information about a brand to its desired audience; and a big part of how we do that is through communicating visually.

The first step is compiling all the research we’ve done and presenting it to our clients. Because the research is often pretty pointed as to what needs to be done, they usually come to their own conclusions; but what’s equally important is to work with a client to find a name that suits something he or she can live up to. The research can point wherever it wants, but the more you work with clients, the more you realize you may not be able to go 100 percent in that direction. You have to tether it with who the client is, because sometimes a name change is a big ledge clients are asked to jump off.

A name drives a lot of the decisions we make aesthetically. And it drives those decisions, in part, because the name is a response to the research and to the client’s needs and wants. It’s all tied together, because aesthetically it needs to match what that name represents. And I don’t mean that literally. I mean conceptually. For example, last week Joshua wrote about the composting company we renamed, from “Sort” to “New Soil.” For that brand, we developed a template around a vibrant green color scheme, creating a clean feeling that reinforced the name and almost directly opposed the product. It was about taking compost, something that isn’t pretty, and finding a way to put a spin on it. Rather than talk about the product, we talked about what the product makes, which is soil for creating new life.

By figuring out the main idea of the brand and using that to choose a new name, we now have a focus that will direct us in all communication relating to the brand, visual or otherwise.