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Local Orthodontist Case Study

Family orthodontic practice gains clarity, strategy, and new patients using Deksia’s Proven Process.

Shannon Orthodontics had been running a successful practice since 2015. But with two locations in West Michigan, they had grown to a point where they needed to outsource their marketing. 

Despite having all the right staff, talent, and tools, Shannon wasn’t getting the new patients they wanted. They weren’t sure how to differentiate themselves from competitors who had been in the market space much longer. And they were fighting the (untrue) perception of being expensive.

Shannon came to Deksia skeptical but hopeful. They’d had less than satisfactory relationships with marketing agencies in the past. They’d already spent money on products that didn’t perform. And they’d been sold messaging that failed to resonate with new patients.

To keep the business growing, Shannon needed to develop a marketing strategy for acquiring new patients while establishing a clear budget.

The Marketing Blueprint: A Proven Process

When Shannon signed on for the Deksia Marketing Blueprint, they got a comprehensive plan to achieve their goals. A proven method that’s been working for entrepreneurs for over a decade.

Instead of guessing what their potential clients wanted, research determined what to say, who to talk to, and where to communicate. Instead of feeling like they were throwing money down the drain, Shannon knew exactly how much to spend. They could track and measure the results of all their marketing dollars.

From landing pages and scheduling automation to messaging and marketing dashboard, they could see how all their initiatives worked together to support their outcome.


Q1 2018 Off to a Good Start

Call tracking software confirmed that 144 total calls came directly from our lead generation ads. 114 of these were “new” numbers—individuals that had not called before.

Even better, Shannon could see exactly how many calls were coming from their AdWords (Google Paid Search) and SEO (Google Organic) efforts.

New Patient Appointments

A traditional contact form would require the Shannon team to follow up with each lead to schedule a time. Instead, we made it possible for online visitors to schedule their free consultation appointments themselves using a scheduling software called Calendly.

According to Shannon, 90% of all new patient appointments had scheduled a 2nd appointment, converting into full patients for orthodontic treatment.

With a total of 62 appointments scheduled, adjusting for this 2nd appointment success rate, Shannon gained a net total of 56 new patients worth $345,960.00.


Calculating ROI

A good marketing strategy should always report a positive return on investment. The calculation is fairly simple:

When calculating the ROI report for Shannon Orthodontics, we included the $20,000 marketing expense for all the initiatives that made this campaign successful.

$20,000 may seem like a lot of money, and it is. But if you could put $1 into a machine that always gave you $16 in return, how much would you be willing to invest?

With a marketing campaign ROI over 1,600% in the first quarter, this was Shannon’s reality.


Heading into Q2 Strong

With the majority of the campaign startup costs absorbed into the first quarter, Shannon Orthodontics is on track to improve their ROI performance in the second quarter of 2018.

  • Marketing campaign spend successfully stabilized: around $3,500 per month
  • New patients estimated for Q2: 60 (currently on track with 22 new appointments scheduled)
  • Estimated additional gross revenue: $372,000
  • Annual additional gross revenue target: $1.4M


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