The Hurricane stand-on blower is designed to provide maximum air flow and power for effective debris management. With an airflow of 6500+ cfm and air velocity of 165 mph, fall leaf clean up and moving debris is made easy. Air flow is changeable from the operator station with three directions - left, right and front.


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Opportunity / Challenge

We needed help with marketing and branding.

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Scope / Solution

Deksia is currently building a new website for our company as well as promotional, branding, and trade show items. Deksia brought in some new elements to our brand and many innovative uses of products for our trade show. Deksia set up our trade show booth in a preview facility before taking it to the final location.We've worked with anywhere between 12 and 24 people from Deksia's team. Most of our conversations were with Deksia's owners, and they also assigned a project manager to us.

Hurricane Device Friendly
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We’re planning to attend a trade show this month [October 2016], and most of our metrics will come as a result of it. The website is planned to launch on the same day as our new product. Personally, I find that Deksia has hit 95 percent of the work out of the park.