Business Goals

What they wanted to accomplish

Develop and execute a marketing strategy for new patient acquisition.

Step 1: Marketing Blueprint

Building a solid foundation

We used our Marketing Blueprint methodology to build a branding and marketing strategy that would set up Shannon Orthodontics for success.

We spoke with shareholders, current patients, potential patients, and audited their competitors.

Once a winning Big Idea for the Shannon Orthodontic brand was determined, we went back and audited all of their visual, written, and digital brand assets.

Following an audit, we now had the knowledge necessary to build a proper marketing strategy. One that included the required assets that needed to be built, what the messaging need to be, and how they would be presented to potential new clients.


Step 2: Brand Strategy

Aligning their brand assets

Rather than undergoing an expensive website overhaul, we were able to identify one key page that needed to be redesigned- the Complimentary Exam page. This page serves as the main landing page for all Shannon Orthodontic promotions, and is designed specifically to convert online users to new patients.

Step 3: Campaign Management

Goals, Timelines, & Budget

A custom marketing dashboard was built for the Shannon Orthodontic brand to keep track of their various digital marketing campaigns. This dashboard can be accessed by the client anytime, and provides clear insights into how much they are spending, and how many new patient leads they are acquiring each day, month, or quarter.

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Solutions Moving Forward

Marketing Plan

Brand Research

Brand Audit

Strategic Planning – Branding, Marketing, & Advertising

Consumer Pathway Funnel Development


Digital Marketing

Digital Ad Design

Dashboard Build

PPC Ad Management & Optimization

Web Development

Landing Page Design & Develoment