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Are customers searching online for products or services like yours?

If that answer is a resounding “YES”, keep reading.

In 2020, Google’s ad revenue amounted to 146.92 billion US dollars, with the #1 product being Google Search advertising.

The reason? Put a product or service in front of someone who is actively searching for it online, and it’s like fish in a barrel.




Google Search Ads

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What are
Google Search Ads?

Google Ads is the advertising platform from Google. Paid Search ads are a specific ad type.

The way they work is simple.

When someone searches for “tour guide Italy”, an advertiser within the platform can bid or target that phrase and pay to be at the top of the search engine results.

Can we just
do this in-house?

It’s true. Google Ads makes it incredibly easy to launch a campaign… but getting the results you want can be infuriating. 

It takes hours, days, years, to understand how to maneuver these platforms to a point where you are ROI positive.

You could dedicate hours each day to learn this new platform.

Or.. you could let the experts build a profit generating machine for you.

"They've delivered on the measurable, substantial results they promised, which not all vendors can do."

"Deksia's ability to deliver results month over month allows us to grow and scale our business. There reporting and performance tracking capabilities give us clear insight into what's working, and where to put more gas on the fire."

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Results & Case Studies

Alfresco Landscapes


$20,000 Ad Spend


✅  87 Quote Requests

✅   280 Phone Calls

✅   367 Total business leads

💰  $10,000 Average Client Value

💰  $3,670,000 potential business revenue

Alpine Collision


Ad Spend: $3,000


✅  36 Qualified Leads

💰  $180,000 Lead Worth

Shannon Orthodontics


Ad Spend: $10,000


✅  27 Qualified Leads

💰  $135,000 Lead Worth

CHOP Tree Removal


Ad Spend: $10,000


✅  216 Phone Calls

✅  39 Quote Requests

💰  $500 Average Lead Worth

💰  $127,500 Lead Worth

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“Deksia’s ability to deliver results month over month allows us to grow and scale our business.” 

– Dirk Bakhuyzen, Owner, Chop Tree Removal

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