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With the emergence of sophisticated digital marketing platforms like Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn, every business can now find their ideal customers and communicate with them with pinpoint precision that even the most sophisticated marketers like Coca-Cola couldn’t dream of 25 years ago. All you need is the right team to show you how.

Marketing’s past belongs to the Fortune 500. Marketing’s future belongs to the Fortune 2 million. Stake your claim today.

It’s a Jungle Out There

In the early days of digital marketing, life was a lot simpler.

At first, all you needed was a webpage. Yahoo came along, then Google. It was easy to buy ads. When hardly anyone was doing it, the profits were unreal… as long as you had a decent message. Then things became more competitive, but as long as you jumped from one hot platform to the next—Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok—you could still find pockets of profit by staying ahead of the curve.

With each new platform, new kinds of agencies emerged. The SEO agency. The Google agency. The Facebook agency. Then the “digital agency.” For a time, they served a purpose. When traditional marketing firms were still wedded to TV and digital campaigns were easy to execute, nimble “unitaskers” could do the job.

The problem is, now that digital media is the dominant media, the old one-platform one-message approach doesn’t work like it used to.

Competition for your customers’ attention has never been greater. Your ideal customer is bombarded with videos, memes, images, and ads. It’s never been more challenging to get their attention.

Once you have your customers’ attention, keeping it has never been more difficult. It’s not just your competitors and other advertisers: the social media networks, entertainment providers, games, and even your next-door neighbor are competing for your audience’s attention and they’re all just one click away. You need to stay in front of your target audience so you connect even after they’re distracted.

It takes a comprehensive multi-channel, multi-message, longterm approach to succeed.  ROI today takes more than one or two good ads. You need great ads, a comprehensive strategy, and the discipline to harness data and evolve your message to continuously improve your results.

The Deksia Approach

We create digital ROI through strategy.

At Deksia, we believe it takes a comprehensive multi-channel, multi-message, longterm strategy to succeed. You need great ads, a comprehensive strategy, and the discipline to harness data and evolve your message to continuously improve your results. 

With in-house photography, video, animation, and illustration, we’re equipped to quickly and efficiently create and evolve the kind of messages you need to succeed online today.

Our process begins with discovery. We mine advertising data and engage you to uncover where your audience is, what they care about, and how to grab their attention.

We then create a digital strategy. We identify channels, recommend conversion milestones, and outline the online marketing funnel you need to generate leads and then nurture those leads until they’re convinced to buy.

Then we create the advertising messages and assets your strategy requires and prepare them for launch. Every campaign is instrumented to generate the data we need to respond to your customers and do more of what works, less of what doesn’t, and maximize your ROI.

The Result?

Digital Marketing That Turns Attention Into Profit

Grow Your Audience.

We use retargeting to grow your audience with every ad you run and website visitors you get. The result? A burgeoning list of prospects you can advertise to for pennies on the dollar.

Turn Them Into Customers.

We use direct response and brand messaging so that you have ads that generate leads today and prepare your prospects to become customers tomorrow.

Triple Your Digital Marketing ROI.

You’ll be noticed more, convert more, and be remembered more. That’s 3x more ways you get more mileage from every marketing dollar you spend.

"The team at DEKSIA zeroed in quickly on something that would satisfy me in the market."


Success By Design

We believe you need a repeatable system to get customers.

One that will deliver sales over and over so you can quit feeling frustrated and helpless. Quit wasting time and money, and be empowered to focus on what is important to you rather than sales.


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