Deksia is a strategic agency, our systems help companies grow by focusing on the sales & marketing process of the business. Rather than the typical tactic-based approach, we offer more holistic strategies. While we’re committed to our clients, our team is just as important to us. We do our work according to these values: support your community internally and externally, strive to do & be your best, and promote an environment of fun. If Deksia sounds like a good fit for you, please review the position description.

SEO | PPC | Digital Specialist

A digital specialist is someone who intimately understands the digital marketing ecosystem in order to execute campaigns that work towards client goals. This is someone who is well versed in multiple areas of digital marketing; from paid search, to organic SEO, email marketing tactics, and more. A requirement for this position is the ability to build attribution models for each campaign that strongly correlates ad performance to the client’s goals, while operating within budget. With an ability to self-educate, Digital Specialists at Deksia will have nearly limitless opportunities to gain experience within various digital marketing platforms and tools.


  • 2+ Years Digital Marketing Experience
  • Google Ads Certification – Paid Search
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • On Page SEO Knowledge & Ability
  • Local SEO Knowledge & Ability
  • Email Marketing Experience
  • Basic HTML
  • Microsoft Suite Or Google Equivalent

Wish list Skills:

  • Adobe Suite (InDesign & Photoshop)
  • Facebook Ads Certification
  • Youtube Ad Campaign Experience
  • Copywriting Experience


  • Full time salary position
  • Flexible work environment
  • Flexible time off and out of office work opportunities
  • Competitive pay

Job Accountability:

I support my community internally and externally.

I am honest and own my responsibilities.

I strive to be and do my best.

I promote an environment of fun.

I complete projects assigned to me in a timely manner.

I execute comprehensive digital strategies that are within the client budget.

I consistently meet client goals or benchmarks within digital campaigns.

I build strong attribution models between ad performance and client budgets.

I pursue initiatives that increase digital marketing performance for clients.

I get it: I understand the inner workings of my position.

I want it: The tasks and responsibilities asked of me are what I desire to do.

I have capacity for it: I have the mental, physical and emotional ability to do my job.



  • Complete the Predictive Index test found here.
  • Send your resume and notification of test completion to: hr@deksia.com


Are you someone who seeks to understand? Were you the kid that constantly asked questions about how things worked and why? Would you like to put those critical thinking skills to use and help brands build better strategies for success? If so, great. We are looking for individuals who excel at quickly understanding the business models and marketing strategies of our clients and their competitors. This information will then be effectively communicated to other key members of our team and strongly influence the creation of brand strategies and executing tactics for our clients.

This is an unpaid internship opportunity.

Internship programs are tailored to fit the intern’s interests, so descriptions and responsibilities of the position will vary from candidate to candidate.


  • Compiling data for research team
  • Assisting with competitive audits
  • Ensuring data quality and accuracy
  • Organizing data for research presentations


  • Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets
  • Computer savvy
  • Strong communication skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Ability to self-educate

Personal Qualities:

  • Supporting our community internally and externally
  • Striving to do & be our best
  • Support an environment of fun

Job Location:

  •  Grand Rapids, MI


  •  Internship opportunities are unpaid at this time.

Potential Growth Path:

  • Level 1: Marketing Research Intern
  • Level 2: Brand Analyst Apprentice
  • Level 3: Brand Analyst
  • Level 4: Brand Strategist
  • Level 5: Senior Brand Strategist


  • Complete the Predictive Index test found here.
  • Send your resume and notification of test completion to: hr@deksia.com


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