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Entrepreneur Internship – Spring 2021 (Jan 11 – April 16)

At Deksia, we build brand strategies suitable for industry giants but designed for small businesses. This internship position will work directly with one of our senior partners who truly embodies the entrepreneurial spirit. During your time spent with Aaron, you will work closely on the financial aspects of Deksia, our process for acquisitions and mergers in order to grow our organization, seek to understand and contribute to our culture and the metrics by which we measure it, and understand our sharing division. If you are a financially savvy individual, with an entrepreneurial background and spirit, we want to talk to you!

Job Accountability

  • I support my community internally and externally.
  • I strive to be and do my best.
  • I make it fun.
  • I take accurate notes and attend meetings with my manager.
  • I participate in outreach to other businesses seeking to be acquired.
  • I contribute to internal and external cultural activities.
  • I effectively deploy the direction provided to me.
  • I carry out daily and weekly tasks as assigned to me.
  • I get it: I understand the inner workings, systems, and responsibilities of my position.
  • I want it: I love to do my job.
  • I have the capacity for it: I have the mental, physical, and emotional ability to do my job.


  • Entrepreneurial background and/or spirit
  • Financial savvy 
  • Solid organizational skills including attention to detail and multitasking skills
  • Strong communication skills

Wish list Skills

  • A basic understanding of business operations
  • Teamwork PM 
  • Adobe Suite (InDesign & Illustrator)


  • 3 month internship program
  • Flexible work environment
  • Part time (20 hours per week)
  • Unpaid internship, available for college credit


  • Grand Rapids, MI

Next Steps

  • Complete the assessment found here.
  • Send your resume, cover letter, and notification of test completion to: