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Welcomed Graffiti at Deksia

At Deksia, fostering creativity is part of what we do. With that in mind, allowing artist Samskee to graffiti the wall of our Grand Rapids office just makes sense.

The mural Samskee emblazoned on Deksia’s wall is within the graffiti tradition established in New York during the late 70’s and early 80’s, concurrent with the rise of hip-hop culture in the same area. Early pioneers like Lee Quinones helped establish the now-familiar aerosol graffiti aesthetic of bubble letters, cartoon characters, and vibrant color combinations, which he and other nascent artists would spray on walls and train cars throughout the five boroughs.

Initially viewed as something that destroyed and defaced public property, graffiti is now widely accepted as a legitimate art form. Samskee has made the creation of graffiti murals a key part of his artistic expression. In addition to his work with Deksia (which also includes a past indoor mural), he’s been commissioned to create pieces for Holland Heights Elementary in Holland, Spartan Cross-Fit in East Lansing, and Armadillo Screenprinting in Berkley; he’s even created pieces for bar and bat mitzvahs. Samskee latest piece for Deksia spans the entire length of the office’s sidewall. Featuring vibrant colors and caricatures, and slogans like “very burner” and “sushi!,” the mural makes it hard to mistake the Deksia office for anyone else’s. A burst of creativity that catches the eye and holds the attention: a feeling evident in Samskee’s graffiti, as it is in our work at Deksia.