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Top 5 Apps for a More Productive Work Day

Angry Birds might not be the best app to use while on the job, but there are some that can benefit you and your business.  From a trip planner to meeting planning, these apps will simplify tedious tasks and allow you to focus on what is important – your business.  I’m sure you’re familiar with Dropbox and Google Drive, but here are some lesser-known apps. Here is what we have dubbed the Top 5 Apps to Help Your Business.

1. is a web-based customer support software that takes conversations across multiple platforms and condenses them into one collaborative desktop. allows you to reach customers via email, chat, Twitter, Facebook, and more, helps you monitor customer feedback and solve issues in a timely fashion.  To top it off, it’s free.

2. Evernote is a virtual filing system for images, text, audio files, and any other file imaginable.  This free app bundles relevant information, which allows for easy access.  Evernote is compatible with Windows, MacOS and web access, allowing continual access to your files.

3. Projectplace manages meetings, holds web conferences, communicates, and follows real time activity feeds.  Progress reports and notifications are also available to stakeholders and coworkers through this app.

4. TribeHR allows your to manage your workforce and human resources through a secure website.  Job descriptions, vacation time, goals, performance, and skills are all available, enabling you to better spend your time.  When you think about the fact that TribeHR cuts down some of your salaried employee’s tasks, $2 per month doesn’t sound too bad.

5. The Tripit app allows business travelers to plan for trips in one place.  It gathers maps, weather conditions, hotel and rental car arrangements, and more, making trips easy and no longer a mess.  And for one more bonus, it’s free.

Whether big or small, your business can benefit from today’s technology.  Taking advantage of new technologies is just another way you can be more successful.  With little to no cost, utilizing apps for your business is a no brainer.