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Brand Research

Weeks 1-4

Establish Big Idea

A research-backed strategy is the most effective way to move a brand forward. Investigating your company’s key components brings us to your unique Big Idea—the element that sets you apart from everyone else in the field. Using the information gathered here, we can develop a clear course of action.

Key Components:

  • Shareholder interviews
  • Current client surveys
  • Potential client discovery
  • Competitive analysis
Weeks 4-6

Audit Current Assets

Does your brand communicate your Big Idea? We review your current marketing, advertising, and interactive collateral to find out what’s working now and what needs adjusting.

Build Consumer Pathways

Identify precisely how customers reach you and where to find them. When you coordinate multiple marketing tactics around a common goal, you increase campaign clarity for your whole team.

Key Components:

  • Channels for inbound and outbound marketing funnels
  • Funnel engagement steps that navigate users toward your goal
  • Methods for tracking & reporting the success of your campaigns

Brand Formation

Weeks 7-10

Create Brand Assets

A viable brand needs more than a logo. Based on your research and strategy, we build the assets necessary to position you in the marketplace. At the end of 10 weeks, your brand will be poised and ready to accomplish your marketing goals.

Key Components:

  • Logo and brand identity
  • Brand architecture
  • Website
  • Digital marketing assets
  • Physical marketing assets
  • Environmental design and signage

Campaign Management

Weeks 11-52

Focus on Goals

When your campaigns are tied to your organizational outcomes, they complement rather than compete with each other. We help you set specific, attainable goals that keep your initiatives on track.

Stick to Timelines

Knowing what’s ahead allows you to maintain balanced workloads. We develop a marketing calendar that keeps your initiatives organized and coordinates your campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

Stay on Budget

Sticking to a budget helps you keep track of your overall spend while making the most of your marketing dollars. With a clear understanding of costs, you’re better equipped to know what to expect in terms of ROI.

Determine Metrics

Measuring your campaigns allows you to see what works and what doesn’t. We’ll determine your most important key performance indicators (KPIs) as well as the best reporting methods.

Types of KPIs:

  • Landing page visits
  • Phone calls
  • Form submits
  • Event RSVPs
  • Sales revenue (e-commerce)
  • Item added to cart (e-commerce)
  • Cart abandonment rate (e-commerce)

Maximize ROI

With metrics established, we can adjust and optimize your campaigns accordingly. Doubling down on your most effective tactics means you get the highest ROI for your marketing dollars.

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