RouteOne Video Testimonials

Project Timeline

Step One


In this phase of the project, our photo and video team will meet with the RouteOne team to clarify project expectations. This meeting will lead to a list of client to-dos for the next steps of figuring out the right interviewees and locking down windows of time for a virtual interview.

Step Two


As the RouteOne team works to gather people for the interviews, Deksia will work to create a list of interview questions with the information provided by our strategy department. These questions will be reviewed and approved by the client before use in the virtual interviews.

Step Three


Once we’ve locked down the talent for a set time, we’ll run a virtual interview through Zoom that will last no longer than an hour. During this time our Director of Photo & Video will direct the interview to capture the necessary story points.

Step Four

Post Production

Once we have the ingredients from the virtual interviews our team will work to edit together two separate testimonial videos. The content will be clean-cut and arranged to follow a strong story arch to tell each story effectively.

Step Five


After we receive approval on the final testimonials videos our photo and video team will pass along the content to be placed within an email campaign.

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