Digital – Phase I: Paid Media Tactical Discovery, Audit, & Strategic Recommendations

Quantity: 1 | Price: $1750 | Total: $1,750 minimum (dependent on the number of platforms)

(Approximately 1 month timeframe)




Paid Media refers to the full spectrum of digital paid advertising (ie: Google Ads, Social Media Ads, LinkedIn Ads, YouTube Ads, etc.) Finding the best way to reach your customers & spend your marketing dollars requires some thoughtful preliminary research and strategic planning.


Based on levels of demand and interest, we’ve grouped our Paid Media platforms into two categories “The Big Four” and “Other”.


The “Big Four” includes Google Ads (Display, Search, & YouTube), Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram), Twitter, and LinkedIn


Other Platforms include all other social media platforms like Pinterest and TikTok, as well as other other specialty platforms (ie: Amazon, Eventbrite, programmatic, streaming services such as Hulu, etc.)


In our current digital landscape, Paid Media should be a foundational pillar of your outbound marketing strategy. In the end, an outbound marketing tactic becomes valuable when it  eventually brings in more money than it costs to maintain. But building successful Paid Media initiatives require patience, an experimental mindset, and reasonable expectations. The amazing thing about Paid Media is that we have the ability to track prospect activity through the magic of the internet. This visibility into prospect behavioral patterns is valuable in itself. It allows us to strategically set up experimental choice scenarios and gradually hone in on the most effective campaigns, platforms, and overarching strategy. 


Our Paid Media services help companies achieve strategic goals such as:

  • Increased sales
  • Specific demographic outreach
  • Prospect tracking & retargeting
  • Prospect behavioral analysis through comparative data (A/B Testing)




    • Paid Media Tactical Discovery (60 minute Meeting): In order to effectively impact your Paid Media efforts, we must gain insight into 3 areas:
      • Past: Learn about your past experiences with paid media advertising. What worked? What didn’t? What you did and did not like about your past client experience(s)?
      • Present: Find out what you are doing now (if anything) and get a gauge of how well you understand the general  logistics of paid media (the vast majority of people know very little).
      • Future: Discuss your thoughts about future paid media, including but not limited to: preferred platforms, allocated budget (ie: How much money are we working with for both actual ad spend AND management of that ad spend), level of interest (ie: How much or little do you want to know about the technical process of how your Paid Media is being managed), state of your current sales team/processes (ie: Once we get you leads, what is going to happen to them on the sales side?
  • Paid Media Audit: In order for us to get a true understanding of your current state of affairs, we have to look under the hood, which means that we need access to your current accounts (listed below). We need this access to audit and make recommendations, as well as to manage your Paid Media campaigns on an ongoing basis. While this sounds simple, in practice, it can be more complicated and tedious than it should be. Our Digital team will send via email the specific steps needed to assign access to Deksia. Unless you have a particularly digitally savvy person on your team, this is often not enough. If necessary, a member of our Digital team will get on the phone/Zoom with a member of your team to walk them through the process click-by-click. 
    • Paid Media Strategic Analysis: Effective Paid Media strategy starts with landscape research, which includes technical research (ie: keywords, conversion tracking opportunities etc.) as well as behavioral and industry research (ie: What are the most effective platforms for your industry? What are your competitors doing? Are there best practices for your specific industry?) 
  • Presentation of Paid Media Recommendations (30-60 min Meeting): Once we have compiled and synthesized the research, Deksia will present our findings and recommendations, based on historical and industry patterns of effectiveness and your overarching budget. In this meeting we will make a plan for how we are going to move forward.


  • Comprehensive Paid Media Audit & Plan
  • Your strategic recommendations will include topics such as:
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Platform recommendations 
  • Keyword research (if applicable)
  • Conversion tracking opportunities



  • The SOW above assumes the audit and analysis of (1) ad platform. Should you desire more extensive research into more platforms, the scope will need to be adjusted to accommodate accordingly. The platforms we most commonly utilize and manage are:
    • Google Ads
    • Meta (Facebook & Instagram)
    • YouTube
    • LinkedIn
    • Other: We are open to exploring other platforms of interest, which can be discussed on a client-by-client basis.
  • This project is priced as a flat rate project with the assumption that it will stay within +/- 15% of the associated labor cost.
  • Because all creative and marketing projects are inherently fluid, both parties reserve the right to re-scope the project as needed should the project evolve outside of the 15% labor window.
  • Any proposed changes to scope require written pre-approval by both parties.
  • Project coordination & management expenses are factored into the above quote and are not to exceed 15% of the project rate.
  • Deksia will require access to all platforms being audited and reviewed. This includes:
    • Google Ads
    • Meta Ads (Facebook Business Manager)
    • LinkedIn Ads
    • Twitter Ads
    • Etc
  • Each additional platform requested will increase the scope of work by $1,000

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