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How To Speak Your Client’s Language Through Social Media

The reason Deksia’s creative division doesn’t drive our social media initiatives is because our end client isn’t other designers, or even other creatives. We put such an emphasis on LinkedIn because that’s where the people who use our services live – our client base is more analytical. If Deksia’s creative division was driving our social media, we would be more likely to favor image-based social media like Instagram and Tumblr. If you’re coming from more of a design/visual point of view as a business, it probably makes more sense for you to focus your efforts on these platforms.

But when businesses come to us, it’s for rebranding services and marketing services. They’re not necessarily coming to us because they want to have design done. People come for Aaron’s business intelligence. It’s how we get 7 out of 10 of our clients – because he can speak their language. That fact drives the language we use, and the platforms we employ. Once we’ve talked to clients through the lens of business intelligence, we can start easing them into the award-winning creative side of things. We can also use the brand research to explain and justify creative decisions down the line so they can be better understood.

Our goal is to provide incredibly strong creative. Without the other side of things we can do that, but only in certain circles. Our goal is to create great design, because great design equals great communication; and great communication turns into great businesses that can grow. We need to meet our clients where they are first before we can ask them to consider other options and grow.

Now, if you’re a design/advertising firm in New York, and your clients are haute couture fashion or tech companies, it would more appropriate to use image-based forms of social media to attract those clients. That’s where the big difference lies: they’re being hired by internal art directors who are seeking creative. But that’s not who we’re being hired by. What we really do is go for the whole shebang. We work with business owners; we work with presidents of companies. It’s a different kind of communication.

If we get to a point where Deksia begins dealing more with art directors, it would make more sense to engage with those kinds of social media platforms. But for now, our entry point is business intelligence. While business intelligence and award-winning strategy are equally important parts of our brand promise, as far as how we communicate with our customers right now, at the moment it makes sense to focus on the former when it comes to our social media.