Albert Einstein once said, “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Being outdoors not only brings about peace of mind; it also teaches you lessons about business. Hobbies such as hunting and fishing provide opportunities to hone your entrepreneurial skills. In the wilderness, you must rely on yourself, which develops strategic skills… Read more »

Can you quantify the impact your creative efforts have on ad performance? A recent study by Rocket Fuel, a company that specializes in programmatic marketing, suggests that not only is it possible; it’s necessary. Rocket Fuel researchers observed, tested and interpreted a sample of data totaling approximately 23,397,541,849 banner ad impressions served in the United States between November 2013 and June… Read more »

Without developing quality consumer pathways, you’re forcing yourself to be very reactive instead of proactive in your approach to marketing. In my opinion, a reactive approach causes problems because it doesn’t allow business owners to assemble and follow a strategy. It just leaves them guessing, and who wants to play a guessing game versus an… Read more »