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Virtual Interview Guidelines

The Standard
for Composition

When filming your virtual interview, we have a few tips for sharing your story in the best light.

  1. Center yourself in the frame
  2. Have space above your head but not too much
  3. Place your camera at eye level
  4. Be aware of what’s in your background

Lighting Recommendations

Position yourself to have good lighting that draws viewers into your story.

  1. Avoid having windows behind you
  2. Position windows behind a computer to make the most out of the light source
  3. Add additional lights next to your computer to make you the bright object in the frame

Recording Clean Audio

Audio is the first thing people notice when it’s done poorly. As you capture audio during the video we have a few tips for recording quality audio.

  1. Avoid recording audio by HVAC units or any machines that may create noises during your recording
  2. Make sure to pick a setting where you know other people talking won’t effect your interview

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