3 Keys to Marketing Success and Overcoming your Biggest Issues


Finally change the way you think about marketing and sales.

Outbound sales have kept your business afloat and working, but inbound leads are a never-ending source of struggle and stress. When conversations around the marketing strategy come up during meetings, your team often feels lost, confused, and baffled about why anything they try never seems to work.

In addition, every time your team meets, you notice that they struggle with questions about how to talk about what they do and being able to clarify their sales messages. Because of that, communication suffers and your sales team retention and sales training become more difficult.

If you don’t solve your marketing problems, reaching your sales goals becomes handicapped, and you will likely fail to meet your goals. But don’t worry, Deksia is here to help you succeed.

Is your marketing person the right fit for the role?

One of the first things we recommend doing is taking a good hard look at who you have in the marketing role within your business.

One of the most common problems we see is that the marketing role is one of the last positions filled at a business, and it is often given to someone who has never specialized in marketing, or has never specialized in direct marketing. The importance and the scale of impact the marketing role has in a business is gravely underestimated.

Marketing efforts affect all aspects of a business—especially communication.

Deksia Solves Your Marketing and Sales Problems

At Deksia—we get marketing, and we can provide tailored marketing solutions that have been proven to work.
Through facilitation, we develop a deep understanding of how your business works and how we can make it attractive to customers. We use the information learned to inform a marketing strategy that is consistent, repeatable, and drives results that we continue to track, manage, and improve upon so that your marketing engine is a well-oiled, ROI generating machine.

You Can Finally Break the Cycle

After working with Deksia, you will finally have a clear understanding of your sales messages and can effectively communicate them. With a clear and targeted marketing strategy, you can reach the right target audience with the right message. As a result? Your sales team can finally close more inbound leads, and reach your sales and marketing goals.

Break the vicious cycle of bad marketing, so that you can finally start communicating effectively and reaching your goals.

These 3 Things are Unlike Most Anything You Have Seen

In the links below, you will find three core concepts outlining how to create marketing communications that work:

Understanding the escape and arrival framework

Necessary beliefs your audience must hold

Build a unified strategic plan that doesn’t rely on one-off tactics or success.

We believe that a thorough understanding of these three core areas and/or discussion of them within your team will have an instant effect on how you perceive marketing, especially the marketing that you are currently doing, and the way that you are attempting to communicate with your clients.

These resources can help you reach (or exceed) your sales and marketing goals.

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