Digital Marketing

Deksia identifies channels, recommends conversion milestones, and outlines the online marketing funnel you need to generate leads.

How Does Deksia Do Digital

Learn how Deksia's digital marketing services can help you engage with a tough to reach audience that's more connected than ever.


We'll develop a deep understanding of the landscape for your company, from your brand to its employees.

Systematic Approach

We'll run a set of digital audits to create a roadmap to repeatable, measurable results.


Planned Accountability

With dashboards, reporting, and monthly pulse meetings, we'll partner with you to ensure your marketing is steering you in the right direction.

Deksia’s Digital Marketing Services

Graphs and dollar signs with a mouse cursor clicking on a computer screen

Digital Advertising Strategies

Finding the right places to spend your ad budget

Google, YouTube, and Other Advertising

Smart ads across all popular platforms

Advertising Spend and Management

Recommendations and management to drive results


Content and code that keeps search engines happy

Case Study: Veritas Business Law

The Challenge

Veritas Business Law wanted to increase its business leads and conversions, even in the challenging environment of 2020.

The Solution

After a full keyword and campaign audit, we worked together to maximize budget, exclude irrelevant clicks, and optimize copy.

The Result

Vertias Business Law saw an 149% YoY increase in clicks, a 260% Y0Y increase in conversion rate, and an 800% YoY increase in conversions.

Simplified Process



Let’s talk about your unique problem


Together we’ll build a strategy that will make your brand stand out in the crowd


Have a true partner to always make the right marketing decisions