Case Studies

Read how we've helped clients across industries achieve their marketing goals.


OMT-Veyhl is the leading manufacturer of height-adjustable table bases and other accessories for the contract furniture industry. Founded in 2005 with just seven employees, it has expanded to more than 300 in its world-class facility.

It approached Deksia for help in updating its brand. Also, OMT-Veyhl had plucked the low hanging fruit in the market and recognized it needed to improve its message in order to grow its share of wallet with existing customers and to attract the remaining clients available in the US market.


Creative Polymer Solutions’ team spent two and a half years developing its open-cell and closed-cell spray foam insulations. Most product teams would have stopped once they had a foam that was “good enough.”

Deksia performed extensive shareholder discovery, uncovering both the outlines of its vision, the origin of its products, and its future objectives. We also conducted a detailed survey of spray foam contractors to discern the contours of the market and surveyed CPS’s initial customers to validate their experience with its spray foam product.

Eagle Creek Homes

When Eagle Creek Homes came to Deksia, its brand was in its infancy. We performed extensive shareholder discovery and uncovered the outlines of its vision, the origin of its products, and its future objectives. Client surveys and competitor research allowed us to better understand client demographics, and to learn what potential new clients are looking for in a new home building company.


For more than 80 years, Hylant has been a leading privately-held provider of insurance services and software to small and medium-sized employers. Hylant is originally from Toledo, Ohio, but it wanted to expand, so it moved an office to Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

Deksia analyzed Hylant’s brand and values, and then it began to formulate a plan to generate brand awareness in the Grand Rapids community. Historically, Hylant has been reluctant to market in ways that celebrate its own brand. So we developed a campaign strategy to celebrate and share Hylant’s values while avoiding the taint of self-promotion and virtue signaling.


Bellamedica had developed strong referral and radio marketing programs. But to achieve its ambitious growth targets, it needed to find other, more predictable ways to generate leads consistently. In particular, it decided to prioritize digital advertising with the goal of making it a primary source of leads. Unfortunately, its first digital marketing partner, who claimed to specialize in the medspa industry, proved incapable of delivering results. When Bellamedica engaged with Deksia, it had grown skeptical that digital marketing would ever be able to deliver the leads it needed.

Big Brown Storage

Deksia sat down with the team at Big Brown to listen to them share their goals and desires for their business. Through a facilitated discovery process, Deksia helped Big Brown uncover essential truths and insights about their business that became a roadmap for rebuilding their brand. 

Through a rigorous research and vetting process, Big Brown Storage was renamed, given a new logo for the new brand, and visual identity was constructed so the rest of the marketing work could unfold.

Veenstra's Garage

Veenstra’s Garage provides a reliable, customizable car service that doesn’t discriminate between brands or models, unlike dealerships with similar services. A family-owned business with near a century of experience, Veenstra’s Garage provides a truly one-of-a-kind service. 

Though Veenstra’s Garage had been around for 80 years when they first came to us, branding and marketing have changed immensely since the 1930s. An old business with timeless appeal, Deksia looked to expand its advertising and branding to the digital world. Deksia dug deep to uncover the outlines of their vision, the origin of their values, and their future objectives. Though direct mail campaigns were already considered to be working, Mike was interested in testing our ability to promote his offers using Facebook’s sophisticated advertising platform.

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