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Marketing By Entrepreneurs, For Entrepreneurs.

We started Deksia because, as entrepreneurs, we were sick of agencies wasting our money on marketing that turned out to be more of a “creative” art project than a sales engine. Fifteen years later, we’ve developed a framework for quickly and efficiently creating marketing that grows our clients’ businesses. The success of our method shows in being a #1-ranked agency nationally according to real client feedback collected by an independent third party. Our reputation is based on the real results we achieve for our clients, not meaningless industry awards.

We Love Marketing Because Your Vision Matters

Our driving mission, the desire that motivates our every decision, is to “Give people a fighting chance.” We believe in the power of an entrepreneur’s vision to change the world when it’s communicated with clarity, passion, and purpose. We’ve seen the way that employee’s labor is glorified the moment an organization finds the right message. We’ve been witness to the many customer lives that have been improved by discovering the right solution to their situation when our clients begin to market well for the first time.

Marketing is about a lot more than the transactional, dollars-and-cents nuts and bolts of business. It gives voice to and helps shape the heart, the soul, the values that give every organization its energy and purpose. And that’s the true magic of marketing: it doesn’t just make your business more profitable, it makes everything in your business better.

Meet Us

Get to know the people behind the magic.

Aaron VanderGalien

Senior Partner

Joshua Conran

Managing Partner

Kent Lewis

Kent Lewis

Chief Marketing Officer

Josh Ryther

Creative Director

Anna Baeten

Anna Baeten

Director of Operations

Zach Ramirez

Director of Sales

Shannon Kinne

Business Development Executive

Adam Bird

Director of Strategy

Macy Scully

Senior Copywriter

Kory Kearney

Director of Photo + Video

Mason Nelle

Junior Photo + Video Specialist

Lauren Milligan

Director of Digital Strategy

Rachel McMahon

SEO Strategist

Melissa Herrera

Digital Strategist

Caleb Bennett

Digital Specialist

Brandon Elston

Brandon Elston

Paid Media Specialist

Joseph Schons

Joseph Schons

Paid Media Specialist

Kari Scroeder

Kari Schroeder

Paid Media Specialist

Jordan Marshall

Jordan Marshall

SEO Specialist

Alex Weiss

Junior Content Specialist

Megan Wendholt

Chief of Staff

Britt Baue

HR Specialist

Shawn Weiss

Project Manager

Rashad Medaris

Project Coordinator

Jeff Mayhue

Director of Accounts

Chelsea Dubey

Account Manager

Joe Novaco

Account Manager

Elizabeth Van Oyen

Account Manager

Jenny Mikrut

Account Manager

Matt Vericker

Matt Vericker

Account Executive

Shelly Berkoski

Art Director

Katherine McCartan

Junior Designer

Simon Efroymson

Interactive Developer

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