Content Writing and Copywriting

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Content Writing and Copywriting

Content Writing and Copywriting

Knowing the difference between content writing and copywriting is important because they do different things. Content writers produce the marketing and advertising aspects of a website, so they can reach the target audience to get their objectives across; SEO is very important here. Copywriting is the pitch that sells your idea or brand.


Content Writing and Copywriting Are an Important Pair

In order to have the best content writing, copywriting is needed to enhance it. Both are important in order to advertise and market your business. You can have content writing without copywriting because that is all of the important information, but in order to really sell what you’re putting out there, copywriting is what will put it over the top.


What Content Writing and Copywriting Accomplish:

Content Writing

  • Uses storytelling to bring a business to life
  • Informs, educates, and engages the reader
  • Builds, know/like/trust factor over time
  • Longer form content like blogs, articles, white papers



  • Drives sales or lead generation
  • Delights the reader so they WANT to take action
  • Uses emotion to “seal the deal” with words
  • Used for ads, emails, websites, social media


Why the Right Length is Important

Having the right length in writing is important because readers don’t always want to read a long post. Including only what’s important and what you want to get across will ensure that you convey your key ideas. When you continue on about the same idea, readers tend to want to move on and skim over the information. To avoid this, keep ideas short, and highlight key ideas. Having a limit of 1,000 words is a good goal to keep so that you don’t overdo it, and then your readers can see all of the information you’re putting out there without feeling like they’re reading a novel. 


Why SEO is Important

SEO allows your website to be found through searching for relevant words regarding your brand. If the right keywords are not used, your website won’t be found as often, and you won’t be able to get your advertising out there as effectively. Figuring out the right keywords for your website will help to ensure that readers looking for your information will find it more quickly and efficiently. 


Make Your Purpose Clear

Keep your content clear, be able to back up your content, and engage with the audience so they know you are being genuine about wanting to help their business, and not just for the money. Having that human connection with your reader makes you sound sincere, and that draws in business.


Don’t Sacrifice Content Writing for Copywriting

Copywriting is important, but if you try to sell too much, people back away. They want to know the information and then have the opportunity to decide what they want to do. Give them all of the information possible, and then let them figure out if its right for them and their company. 



Content writing and Copywriting are different, but both are important. Keeping your content concise and clear will allow your readers to stay engaged and wanting to know more. Make sure to focus on both when advertising your business to get the best overall outcome.