12 Ways to Win in 2022

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12 Ways to Win in 2022


1. Set your goals and a plan of action


Every business needs to have a clear direction. What do you want to accomplish in 2022? Make a list of your goals, and create a detailed step-by-step, milestone-based course of action to ensure that you can achieve your goals. 


2. Build a strong brand 


Do your customers get confused about what you do? Does your own staff struggle to clearly communicate what it is you do? With a strong brand, you can increase the value of your company, provide your employees with direction and motivation, and acquire customers with ease.


3. Improve your user experience


Your website is your single most effective marketing tool. Great website navigation is like walking around your favorite store, it should be effortless. Poor site architecture or functionality creates barriers that may distract users from moving in the desired direction. It increases the chances of users bouncing before they complete a transaction, meaning a lost opportunity for your business. 


4. Consider Integrated marketing automation technology 


Your website can drive business around the clock if you integrate it with your CRM and marketing automation platform. Imagine sending out emails and direct mail to customers without ever lifting a finger. This can be done for a lot less than you think, and the results can be enormous.


5. Create custom photo and video will to stand out from the crowd


People are exposed to thousands of advertisements every single day. From social media, commercials, billboards, emails, etc. we are being constantly stimulated by the business after business. Although stock photos have value and use, using them to represent your brand isn’t a great choice. If you can use a stock photo, so can another business, and you don’t want your business blending into the noise. 


6. Create custom photo and video to create stronger connections with your customers


When a customer gets to see the faces of real people at your business, it instantly personalizes their experience with you. Custom photo and video content enable the customer to feel like they’re getting an authentic behind the scenes view into who you really are. You’re more likely to be remembered, and your customers are more likely to emotionally connect with your business. 


7. Design with a purpose


A pretty design without direction is just a pretty design. It does nothing for your brand and is unlikely to generate much or any results. With a goal and strategy laid out, you can create designs that are both attractive and achieve your goals. 


8. Hire a professional copywriter for your brand


Copywriters ask the right questions. They know exactly what kind of information is needed to accurately represent your brand and communicate with your target audience. Copy requires understanding the goals and following a proven process to drive results. It requires understanding the psychology, demographics, and desires of your target audience. It requires understanding storytelling. 


9. Educate with your content


People care first and foremost about themselves. The majority of the information we produce for marketing purposes must be based on fulfilling our customers’ needs and interests so that they come to build a trusted and emotional connection with your brand. 


10. Expand your guest blogging opportunities


Expanding your guest blogging opportunities creates new paths for customers to interact with your brand. It’s a great strategy because it allows you to leverage your expertise in your industry, and it also allows the hosting website to leverage your blog as a resource for information and lead generation. You both help each other grow. 


11. Set up automated email campaigns


According to HubSpot, about 80% of marketers report that they’ve seen an increase in email engagement in the past year. Email campaigns create more exposure to your brand. It’s yet another way to get in front of your target audience and create compelling content that gets conversion rates. Email campaigns can tell the story of your brand, communicate educational content, share special deals, and so much more. 


12. You need a social media presence


Having social media allows you to regularly communicate with your customers. It’s a great way to create brand awareness and to generate and monitor the conversations happening about your business. Social media marketing is a tactical way of gathering data to figure out what is working and what isn’t so that your company can continue to improve. Social media can increase traffic to your blog posts, websites, and landing pages, ultimately generating more leads and revenue for your business.



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