4 Surefire Ways To Attract New Customers

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4 Surefire Ways To Attract New Customers

In an earlier blog, we covered the importance of retaining your existing client base. But introducing new customers to your service is also critical. Below are four surefire ways to encourage potential consumers to interact with your brand.

Perhaps the most important action you can take this year to attract new customers is determining your business’s goals. Of course, every company has multiple goals they want to achieve; the trick is to pick the one you consider most important, and to design the year’s marketing initiatives around it. Whether it’s creating greater brand awareness or increasing sales, choosing a course of action will allow you to fine-tune that area of operation. Consider what makes the most sense for your company to focus on, and think about how it can relate back to cultivating customers.

In an age where social media continues to grow in importance, classic forms of marketing like word-of-mouth are still powerful. Forbes reports that a survey conducted by search engine optimization firm BrightLocal discovered an astounding 85% of consumers read local business reviews, and 70% trust what they read. Encouraging customers to pen reviews for sites like Yelp can help expand your profile and attract new customers. But always remember to retain a friendly demeanor when interacting with the public, as many commentators are motivated to write bad reviews due to poor service.

As long as we’re on the topic, we should examine some of the ways to make your brand more user-friendly for the online consumer. Limit the amount of social media sites you use to keep your information channels controlled and user-friendly. Narrowing your focus makes it both easier for customers to find out about your brand, and for you to manage your company’s information channels. You should also consider starting a blog if you haven’t already. Blogs give first-timers an idea of your brand’s personality in a more casual venue. People like to form connections that go beyond standard business talk; by showing your personality through blog posts, you can get your message across in a more personable and genuine way.