Shifts In Marketing: The Value In Outsourced Marketing

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Shifts In Marketing: The Value In Outsourced Marketing


In a survey by Adobe, 76% of marketers agreed that “marketing has changed more in the last two years than in the last 50.”  As Bob Dylan once said, “For the times, they are a-changin’.” At any rate, the rules for marketing are changing with every app and upgrade.

Now ask yourself this: within your own organization, how have the marketing responsibilities changed in the last two years? Any re-defining of roles? Any re-structuring? Or have marketing responsibilities just shifted around or lumped onto existing personnel?

If this line of questioning makes you twinge a bit, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Panic and anxiety are common responses to contemplating the cost of catching up with all the “benefits” of technology.  

But honestly, it’s not as bad as you think. A simple solution lies within the old adage, “Why reinvent the wheel?”. That is to say more clearly – outsource more of your marketing.



Books have been written on the economics of outsourcing, literally. We do it so often with so many other operations – legal, accounting, customer services, and more. So it’s logical to utilize for today’s marketing landscape.

The top three reasons to outsource your marketing:


1. Cost

  • What could you do with $120K+? For the salary of one marketing executive, you could outsource your marketing needs without hiring and benefit costs.
  • The productivity of those who are shouldering the marketing responsibilities goes up.
  • No fixed overhead, manage costs as a variable expense.


2. Time

  • Quick response time. Resources are already in place – effective marketing depends on speed.
  • No downtime and learning curve with training and cross-department chatter.


3. Experience

  • Allows your team to focus on what they are good at.
  • Best practice guarantee – you’re contracting experts in the marketing field.
  • Up to date effectiveness – trends change quickly, therefore outsourcing to marketing professionals assures relevance and effectiveness.

Deksia understands you’ve got a lot on your plate and that keeping current is your focus. We’ll provide the hammer, you worry about swinging it!

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