What Is A Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

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What Is A Unique Selling Proposition (USP)?

A Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is a term marketing professionals use to help define a specific brand.  Entrepreneur defines it as, “The factor or consideration presented by the seller as the reason that one product or service is different from and better than that of the competition,” but it essentially means how your product or service stands out from the rest.


zippo logoConsider the Zippo lighter (“It works or we fix it!”).  There are other, cheaper lighters available for purchase by smokers, backpackers, campers, or military personnel, but the Zippo lighter has weathered the storm of the disposability trend quite well.  It’s a tough, manly looking lighter with an appearance and sound (“clink”) most people will recognize.  It’s a lighter that lasts, that can and will be repaired if necessary, a potential heirloom and collectible.  No one keeps a Bic lighter or even wants.  Bic has entirely different, largely price driven USP and, therefore, brand.


Or consider the British monarchy which is still alive and photographed daily for the interest of millions at home and abroad.  Other countries put aside their kings, kaisers, and tsars in the twentieth century, but the House of Windsor still remains rich, strong, influential, and popular, although the last quality has fluctuated some over the last century as members have behaved more or less in a royal fashion.


House of WindsorAs the head of the House of Windsor, Elizabeth II serves a largely ceremonial and advisory function.  Britain can and does govern itself.  Neither is she employed to provide PR for the United Kingdom and its many Commonwealths, although she and her family certainly do.  Their activities also generate a healthy amount of tourism income by simply being who they are and living as they do.  Because the British royals have a very unique selling proposition, they have retained both their heads and their heady social positions.  People don’t think of the House of Windsor as they did the House of Bourbon or the House of Romanov, and thank goodness!


To determine what your unique selling proposition is, examine your company and your product carefully.  Your product or service doesn’t have to be one of a kind, but some aspect of the way you produce or provide it does.  Look at your competition and see how they do what they do.  How can you compete against them?  Can you tinker with your product’s quality or quantity?  Can you make it stand out from the crowd in some way?  Can you provide your service faster or better?  Highlight your difference and then find the people who are looking for and wanting that difference.  That’s how you use your unique selling proposition to take your business in a new and exciting direction.  If you would like help in determining what your business’s USP is and how it can make you more successful, contact Deksia today.


Megan Cooperider is the Project Manager for Deksia. As a public relations and advertising graduate from Purdue University, she wears the Public Relations and Social Media hats from time to time as well. Upon graduating in May of 2012, Megan moved to Grand Rapids to pursue her career. In her spare time, Megan enjoys spending time with friends, family and her huskies, Luke and Chandler.