Meet the Archetypes

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Meet the Archetypes

Today, top brands all share a unique personality. Brands like Nike, Coca Cola, and Charmin each have distinct traits and behaviors.

Have you heard of the "collective unconscious"? Psychologist Carl Jung proposed this idea, suggesting that humans tap into a shared mental reservoir of patterns and old knowledge. From this, Jung identified 12 recurring behavioral archetypes.

Similarly, every brand fits into one or more of these archetypes: caregiver, ruler, creator, innocent, sage, explorer, outlaw, magician, hero, lover, jester, or everyman. These archetypes provide a framework for understanding brand perception. Explore the 12 archetypes further to find the best fit for your business!



The Hero

Courageous. Bold. Inspirational. On a mission to make the world a better place.

The Hero archetype embodies strength, inspiration, and goodwill, dedicated to saving the day and uplifting others. Whether depicted in mythology, films, or real life like firefighters, heroes are driven to overcome challenges and empower others. Nike exemplifies the Hero archetype, inspiring customers to strive for greatness.

The Hero’s gift: Inspiring courage and achievement by overcoming adversity.

Biggest fears: Failure, weakness, vulnerability.

Motto: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”



The Lover

Creates intimate moments. Inspires love, passion, romance, and commitment.

Lover brands exude empathy, passion, and kindness, fostering deep connections and celebrating intimacy. Brands like Godiva and Hallmark exemplify this archetype, providing emotional support and promoting self-care. They create memorable experiences through empathy and personal narratives, aiming to make customers feel confident, loved, and supported.

The Lover’s gift: Providing sensual experiences and making others feel good about themselves.

Biggest fears: Being alone, disconnected.

Motto: “It’s all in the way that it makes me feel.”



The Explorer

Inspired by travel, risk, discovery, and the thrill of a new experience.

The Explorer archetype inspires freedom and adventure, urging individuals to step outside their comfort zones. Brands like Jeep embody this archetype, promoting physical or spiritual journeys and encouraging self-exploration. Companies offering outdoor equipment align with the Explorer archetype, motivating customers to embrace new experiences and discover their own path.

The Explorer’s gift: Inspiring innovation, pushes boundaries with a pioneering spirit.

Biggest fears: Monotony, being trapped.

Motto: “Not all who wander are lost.”



The Magician

Wise. Thoughtful. Reflective. Making dreams a reality.

The Magician archetype, akin to a wise elder, offers enlightenment and solutions to challenges. Brands like Disney captivate and inspire, pushing the boundaries of reality to create enchanting experiences. They aim to make the world brighter and incite wonder. As Disney does, other Magician brands aspire to spread joy across various platforms.

The Magician’s gift: Making dreams come true, breaking the boundaries of what’s possible.

Biggest fears: Self-doubt, negative consequences, mental blocks (the inability to contrive new ideas).

Motto: “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible.’”



The Creator

Naturally expressive, inventive, original, and imaginative.

The Creator archetype embodies vision and non-conformity, celebrating the creative process with excitement and visual metaphor. Brands like Crayola and YouTube are innovative, offering products never seen before. Whether colors or online content, they share the common goal of introducing unique creations to the world.

The Creator’s gift: Inspiring creativity and authenticity.

Biggest fears: Being unoriginal, lacking inspiration, receiving criticism, producing mediocre work.

Motto: “If it can be imagined, it can be created.”



The Sage

Naturally intelligent, knowledgeable, and reflective.

The Sage archetype seeks understanding and insight, guiding clients with wisdom and honesty. Brands like The New York Times embody this archetype, providing trustworthy guidance in a complex world. Being a Sage brand entails fostering fairness, knowledge, and personal growth in clients, facilitating reflection and understanding.

The Sage’s gift: Sharing knowledge to illuminate new perspectives and change the world.

Biggest fears: Being proven wrong, misunderstood, misled.

Motto: “The truth will set you free.”



The Outlaw

Questions authority and breaks the rules; craves rebellion and revolution.

The Outlaw archetype rebels against conformity, advocating for individual truth. Brands like Harley-Davidson and MTV embody this spirit, championing liberation and change. They resonate with being countercultural, representing the rebellious spirit of their audience and challenging norms.

The Outlaw’s gift: Disrupting existing structures, promoting loyalty.

Biggest fears: Conformity, being controlled.

Motto: “Rules are made to be broken.”



The Caregiver

Compassionate. Nurturing. Generous. A desire to help others.

The Caregiver archetype epitomizes compassion and support for the less fortunate. Brands like Johnson & Johnson and UNICEF embody this ethos, providing tender care and aid. They prioritize the well-being of others, eschewing selfishness and scandal, and are renowned for their nurturing approach to serving clients' needs.

The Caregiver’s gift: Making people feel safe, secure, and looked after.

Biggest fears: Becoming selfish or ungrateful, feeling helpless.

Motto: “Be kind to others for no reason.”



The Jester

Brings joy to the world through humor, fun, and irreverence. Likes to make mischief.

The Jester archetype brings playfulness and innovation, offering humor as a welcome respite from daily pressures. Brands like Ben & Jerry’s exemplify this with quirky products and packaging, adding joy to customers' lives. Jester brands prioritize lightheartedness, providing a sense of cheer and color to the world.

The Jester’s gift: Making people smile and laugh, encouraging them to take life less seriously.

Biggest fears: Vulnerability, being bored, being too serious.

Motto: “Life’s too short to take so seriously.”



The Innocent

Exhibits happiness, goodness, optimism, safety, romance, and youth.

The Innocent archetype offers optimism and tranquility, guiding others to overcome negativity with a hopeful outlook. Brands like Coca-Cola embody this ethos with a wholesome and affable demeanor, promoting joy with slogans like "Open happiness." They exude positivity and innocence, fostering a sense of well-being and optimism in customers.

The Innocent’s gift: Spreading and reestablishing joy and purity in a dark world.

Biggest fears: Doing something wrong/bad that will result in punishment.

Motto: “Don’t worry, be happy.”



The Ruler

Creates order from chaos. Likes order, organization, control, managing.

The Ruler archetype commands power and influence, orchestrating solutions for prosperity and well-being. Plan-oriented and organized, brands like Rolex and Rolls Royce aim to make customers feel prestigious and powerful. Often exclusive and pricey, Ruler brands evoke a sense of dominance and exclusivity, wielding considerable influence despite their limited reach.

The Ruler’s gift: Fostering stability and trust, creating high-quality solutions that lead the way.

Biggest fears: Entropy, chaos, being displaced.

Motto: “Heavy hangs the head that wears the crown.”



The Everyman

Seeks connection and belonging. Recognized as supportive, faithful, and down-to-earth.

The Everyman archetype embodies modesty, hard work, and relatability, fostering communities of like-minded individuals. Brands like Budweiser appeal to a broad audience with their dependable and relatable nature. Companies like IKEA and Discover also cater to everyday needs, emphasizing simplicity and community support, resonating with the average person.

The Everyman’s gift: Bringing safety, comfort, and trust to an otherwise unstable or unfriendly environment/decision.

Biggest fears: Being lonely, rejected, or perceived as unfriendly.

Motto: “We treat you like you’d treat you.”


Knowing your archetype is the first step in creating your brand story. The real challenge lies in understanding how to integrate it into your brand and your marketing. At Deksia, we help clients create meaning from their archetypes every single day. To learn more, schedule a FREE 15-minute meeting with our team.