How to Design a Lead Generating Website in 2022

How to Design a Lead Generating Website in 2022

Turn your website into your very own automated salesperson.


When prospects are online deciding who they’re going to call— you, or your competitor with the website that exudes reliability, credibility, and effectiveness, who do you think they’re going to choose? 

Your website is the most important marketing tool for your company, so having a website that errors, lags, and is difficult to navigate threatens to turn prospects away and may negatively affect how your brand is perceived. 

At Deksia, we have formulated a website strategy that allows us to create fast, secure, beautiful websites that function effortlessly.


The Deksia Approach…


A common error businesses make is that they design their websites with visual appeal at the forefront of their priorities, while website functionality takes a backseat: a mistake that can be costly when marketing services on their website. Trends are always changing, and creating a website design-first will lead to lost time due to an increase in website management. Although adhering to current trends is important, the most important thing your website needs to do is function.

Our method is designed to create a website that looks good, functions properly, and drives results. We follow a three step process:

☆ Strategize 

☆ Create

☆ Manage

Following this process, we have been able to turn websites into lead generating machines. Through trial and error, we have tested and perfected, and continue to perfect, a strategy for creating websites that perform well now, and into the future. 




When you begin the process of redesigning your website, audit your website to identify what’s already working well (so you can do more of it) and discover gaps that can be filled so less customers slip through the cracks.

As you go through your website, check for….

  • Site Navigation
  • Useful functionality
  • Intuitive User Experience 
  • Responsive Design
  • Product/Service Catalog
  • Content Hierarchy & Layout
  • Resonance of Images, Videos, and Copy, etc.


Every component of your website that a prospect will interact with should be analyzed. After you’ve taken a fine tooth comb through your website, and identified where changes and improvements need to be made, you can begin the redesigning process.




When designing your website, it’s easy to overlook small design elements or messaging inconsistencies. 

Every single detail of your website design is important. From typeface and typography choices, color palette, images, to image placement and more, nothing should be overlooked. Your website design should also allow for and anticipate a variety of content. 

That content (along with the copy in marketing campaigns) needs to be consistent in tone and voice to maintain a clear “personality” and purpose. 

Not everyone has access to computers, laptops or tablets, and a vast population uses their mobile devices to explore the internet. Creating a website that converts well improves your web presence and extends accessibility. Your goal is to provide your prospects with the information they need, when they need it, with the clarity, image, an ease of use that convinces them to buy.

After working hard to build a powerful website, you want to make sure that your website continues to grow and evolve with your company.




Your website isn’t done once you launch it; it needs to keep converting customers, generating leads, and delivering results. With today’s technology, you can monitor exactly how users are navigating your website. You can track how much content they read, how far they scroll on a page, the path for navigating between pages, and more. 

Using the data that you can collect from your users’ experiences (and the data from your marketing efforts) you can manage your website strategy for continuous improvements in key metrics.  



The result? Week by week, month by month, your website that performed well at launch keeps getting better. When your website is performing well, the results will be unmistakable. 

Building and managing a website is a full time job. At Deksia, we’re an integrated company with website strategists, designers, copywriters, and expert photo and video personnel all working closely together to execute beautiful, functional websites. 

If you want a website that delivers measurable growth in new customers month over month for your business, contact us!