Veritas Business Law

Case Study

Veritas Business Law, LLC is Portland’s premier choice for businesses and individuals seeking to protect their intellectual property and move their business forward. The firm is dedicated to provide comprehensive Intellectual Property and Business Law Representation for Portland clients.


The Goal

Our aim was to increase the relevant leads and strong conversions for Veritas Business Law throughout 2020 vs. 2019, despite the year’s challenges.


The Strategy

To that end, we performed a full keyword and campaign audit to restructure the campaigns. This allowed us to maximize budget, add high-intent keywords for relevant leads, add negative keywords to exclude irrelevant clicks, optimize ad copy, and prioritize locations with high conversion rates.


The Results

We generated the following results for Veritas Business Law:

-Increased clicks by 149% YoY.
-Increased conversion rate by 260% YoY.
-Increased conversions by 800% YoY.

Let’s start making a plan to unify your marketing to reach your goals and maximize your investment.