Understanding the key points to capturing quality content

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Basics of Composition

The three main types of image scaling.

The key to keeping people engaged in content is to follow some basic rules around how to frame the content captured. Below you’ll find three of the main types of scaling used when producing images or video.


Capturing From Multiple Angles

Having multiple angles allows for more flexibility in the editing phase.

When filming certain types of content it’s important to capture the action from multiple angles. This allows for people to gain context from wider angles but not get distracted when we are trying to convey important points. Most often used in interview scenes but also useful when talking about product details.


Recommendations Around Handling Light

Following a few best practices can help with getting a lot better content.

When it comes to lighting we have a few things our team follows on every shoot that play a large role in quality control.


Indoors: Use windows indoors to your advantage. This can be great when placed behind a camera or next to it. Avoid placing it behind the subject or in the frame, this often throws off the exposure and is distracting to viewers.

Outdoors: Similar to inside, avoid putting the sun directly behind the subject you are capturing. Place the sun behind the camera or to one of the sides.


Producing good audio

Some quick tips to help with gathering clear audio.

Audio is one of the first things about video content that viewers notice. As you capture audio we have a few tips for things to look out for.


Avoid recording audio by air handling units or any machines with loud noises when possible.

Be aware of wind when capturing important talking content. If needed record talking content indoors for good clarity.

Proximity helps with clarity and quality. Getting a microphone closer to some talking helps with capturing good content.

We recommend purchasing a plug-in mic to help increase quality.

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