What is a Dashboard?

Google Data Studio allows us to create and customize dashboards for our clients. Through this platform we are able  to keep track of leads and calls generated from services such as CallRail, Google Analytics , and much more. These sources of information transfer data into our Dashboards and are refreshed and updated every 12 hours, guaranteeing the most up to date, relevant information. If you want a deeper dive into our dashboard services check out our Dashboard Introduction and Training page 

Where does the lead information come from?

Depending on what services we provide to you the dashboard information can come from different sources. For any website info we link up your Google Analytics account and regarding your call and form leads we connect CallRail. We can always customize and add any data regarding any digital campaign that you want to track on a monthly basis. 

Can I access this lead information?

Yes! You can access all this information through the dashboard. Under the Leads Breakdown tab you will see a button saying View Call/Form Data where you will be redirected to CallRail. Click Here to submit a support ticket if you don’t have access to your CallRail profile. 

Who qualifies those leads?

Our team does its best to qualify the leads on CallRail as accurately as possible. 

Can I go back and check if the leads are properly qualified? How?

Yes!  At the end of the day you are the expert in your industry and you can always go on CallRail, check what we have qualified and leave comments or tags for our team to learn more about what a lead means to your business. Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Using CallRail page to learn more about its layout and use. 

What is CallRail?

Call tracking is the process of determining how callers found your business. Marketing and sales teams can use a call tracking software to attribute phone calls to the specific marketing channels that led callers to ring your business, in our case we like to use CallRail.

Can I change the phone number calls are directed to?

Yes! Click Here to submit a ticket and let us know what campaign (email, google ads, facebook ads, email, etc.) number you want to change. 

How do I get access to my CallRail account?

Click Here to submit a ticket for our team to send you a CallRail invitation (Please provide full name, company and email address you want to use) 

I’m receiving a lot of spam calls to my phone number, what do I do?

Unfortunately, no call tracking system is perfect, if you are experiencing a large amount of spam calls, click here to submit a ticket to have our team look into that issue. 

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