Email Marketing

How do you send out email campaigns? 

While there are many different email marketing platforms in the industry, at Deksia we use Campaign Monitor. The great thing about our process is that you can request access to your business’ Campaign Monitor account and check out how your campaigns and drips are performing

Why are my emails bouncing? 

Campaign Monitor has a special tab called the Bounce Summary where you are able to see specifically what emails addresses did not receive your email. Sometimes bounces happen when your email domain has been blocked, the email address is misspelled, the recipient’s mailbox is full, etc. For a deeper dive on the different kinds of bounces check out Campaign Monitor’s Bounced Emails Report blog.

Why are my emails going to spam folders?

Sometimes recipients will use email platforms that have strong spam filters that are out of Campaign Monitor’s control. As we use a third party software, the risk of being marked as a spam is higher, but we assure you that at Deksia we follow the best practices in the industry to avoid spam filters. To learn more about the practices we follow check out Campaign Monitor’s Avoiding Spam Filters blog.

What is the best time to deliver an email campaign? 

The best time to deliver emails depends on the industry, but as a good rule of thumb we try to deliver our campaigns Wed/Thurs anywhere from 8am-11:30am. If there is a specific time and date you want your campaigns to be delivered you can click here to submit a ticket.  

How do you plan on tracking link clicks? 

One of our email marketing practices require tracking specific links, this is why we create special UTM links to track what campaigns drive traffic to your site.

Can I update my subscriber list? 

Yes, you can update your subscriber list any time you want. Click Here to submit a new subscriber list.

Will Deksia receive the email responses?

No, when you submit your subscriber list you can tell us who you want the email to come from and who you want to receive any responses that might come from the campaign.

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