Social Media Posting

Can Deksia post on my social media accounts? 

Yes, Deksia provides a social media posting service. Click here to have someone from our team reach out and give you a quote.

Where do you get the content from? 

We get most of our inspiration from your own website. We try to mimic and copy your voice and tone to align with your audience and messaging as best as possible. Don’t worry, no content is published without your revisions to make sure everything is being said the way you want it.

Can I send you my own images? 

Yes, you can send us some of your image assets. Remember our design team creates custom made designs and our photo and video team is always ready to shoot your products.

Why are we repeating images? 

We try our best to keep the content that we post original and up to date with your business. You can always click here to have someone from our team reach out and ask for more assets or set up a time to talk about a potential photoshoot.

Can we look into being part of a Facebook group? 

Yes, a great way of spreading brand awareness outside of your organic posts on your page is by being part of a Facebook group with people that are interested in the same things you are. You can always let us know if this is something that interests you.

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