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Contact List Updates

Communicate with AM: Is this a completely new list? Are these contacts just a new addition to existing lists? Etc.

How to Mockup an Email?

Insert screen recording

Deciding Audiences

Depending on goals, expectations, business size, etc. there are different ways to build the ideal audience for a campaign.

Cold Audiences

You can use AMP to understand the client and who they are trying to reach better. Make adjustments accordingly.

For smaller companies targeting locally/state try keeping the audience at 100,000-200,000. For bigger companies in several states change it up accordingly.

You can always create “Lookalike Audiences” with previous email lists, FB engagement, etc.

Retargeting Audiences

Website traffic last 90 days, FB engagement last 90 days, Ad engagement last 90 days, 3 sec video plays, etc.

Time to Create the Ads

After receiving creative and copy from the team go to Creative Hub (Insert screenshot of where to find Creative Hub), select the proper client, and create a new mockup. 

Inside the mockup make sure to add Tracking UTM URLs. We normally use this tool to create the URLs 


Source = facebook-ads

medium= {{campaign.name}}

Campaign= {{campaign.name}}


Make sure to add a CTA button

Share mockup link (60 days)

Common/Best Practices Inside Ad Campaigns

Some quick tips on how to navigate the ad builder and campaign.

When adding a new ad make sure you are under the right campaign and ad set. 

Select “Use Creative Hub Mockup” and add the new ad creative

Make sure your Pixels and Events are all activated.

Common/Best Practices for Data Reporting: 

Check Budget

make sure your campaigns are actually spending the money, only make adjustments one to two times a week. 

Check Reach/Results

Depending on the campaigns objective decide if numbers are historically consistent OR better

Check CTR:

No matter the campaign’s objective our goal is to get a 1% CTR or more. Make sure you are checking how it has performed previously. Did it go up? Did it go down? Why? 

Check CPR:

Our goal is to keep lowering our CPR as the months go by. 

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