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Account Manager – Internship

Are you the one always coordinating group projects? Do you enjoy helping companies achieve their goals? Do you have a strong eye for detail? Can you explain and coach people to meet their goals? Are you motivated to meet deadlines and live by your calendar or planner? Does the opportunity of connecting with people and small businesses excite you? Can you understand the expectations of a project and efficiently communicate that to a team? If this sounds like you, you might be a good fit for an Account Management Internship.

Job Accountability:
  • I support my community internally and externally.
  • I strive to be and do my best.
  • I promote an environment of fun.
  • I respond to my team within 24 hours.
  • I have completed Indesign and Illustrator training.
  • I assist the AMs with reviewing Deksia’s work before passing it on to clients.
  • I assist the AMs with various projects as needed.
  • I have completed one department shadow.
  • I look for potential referrals or added services from existing clients and report these opportunities to AMs.
  • I effectively deploy the direction provided to me.
  • I maintain up to date records as it pertains to my department.
  • I provide an executive summary one-time: how to improve our account management efforts.
  • I get it: I understand the inner workings, systems, and responsibilities of my position.
  • I want it: I love to do my job.
  • I have the capacity for it: I have the mental, physical, and emotional ability to do my job.
  • Computer savvy
  • Strong communication skills
  • Sharp personal image
  • School internship program
Wishlist Skills:
  • Adobe Suite (InDesign & Illustrator)
  • Teamwork PM
Growth Path:

Step 1: Account Manager Intern
Step 2: Account Manager Apprentice
Step 3: Account Manager
Step 3: Account Coordinator
Step 4: Director of Sales
Step 5: Integrator

  • Flexible work environment
  • Part-time (20hr per week)
  • Unpaid internship
Next Steps:
  1. Complete the Predictive Index test foundĀ here.
  2. Send your resume and notification of test completion to: