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Content Internship – Spring 2022 (Jan 10 – Apr 15)

The content team curates your brand’s digital presence with organic growth in mind. They create engaging social posts, email newsletters, and blog posts. Following along with Deksia’s results-oriented mindset, reports are compiled and distributed monthly to each of our clients to show off their brand’s impact on their digital community.

In addition to having a good understanding of how social media works from a marketing perspective, content interns must be pros at combatting change. When a new algorithm strikes, as we all know it will, someone in this position is ready to work with the rest of the content team to pivot the game plan.

Content interns will report to a senior member of the content team. In addition to supporting social media accounts, duties include writing drafts for emails, blog posts, as well as pieces from social media campaigns. They may also be tasked with pulling numbers for reports and other data-gathering missions.

Job Accountability

  • I support my community internally and externally.
  • I strive to be and do my best.
  • I make it fun.
  • I complete projects assigned to me on time and in budget.
  • I effectively deploy the direction provided to me.
  • I create content for a variety of platforms including blogs, websites, and social media.
  • I create and manage content calendars.
  • I ensure that content remains consistent across all platforms.
  • I proofread and edit content before publishing.
  • I get it: I understand the inner workings, systems, and responsibilities of my position.
  • I want it: I love to do my job.
  • I have the capacity for it: I have the mental, physical, and emotional ability to do my job.


  • Experience in content creation
  • Proficiency in Google Drive products
  • Proofing and editing skills
  • A degree or relevant experience in literature, journalism, marketing, or communications
  • Knowledge of various content platforms such as social media, blogs, and print media

Wishlist Skills

  • Experience using Constant Contact, Mailchimp, or other email marketing platform
  • Experience using Publer, Hootsuite, or another social media post scheduling solution
  • Basic WordPress Experience
  • Copywriting Experience
  • SEO Campaign Familiarity
  • Experience in managing a business Facebook account
  • Experience using Teamwork, Asana, Trello, or another project management software

Growth Path with Deksia

  • Level 1: Content Intern
  • Level 2: Content Apprentice
  • Level 3: Content Specialist


  • 3-month internship
  • Unpaid internship, available for college credit
  • Flexible work environment
  • Part-time (20 hours per week)


  • Indianapolis, IN

Next Steps

  • Complete the assessment found here.

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