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Why Marketing To Super Fans Makes Sense

Ah, the ever changing world of marketing: it seems as soon as you’re on top of the latest developments, a new innovation comes along. We at Deksia will do our best to keep you informed of what’s happening in the world of social.

When it comes to social, this year it will pay to think visually. Experts predict the high level of engagement businesses are achieving by sharing memes, infographics, and other easily digestible visual content will only grow in 2014. Social Media Examiner reports that 70% of businesses marketing on social platforms plan to increase the amount of visual components they share. This also includes incorporating services like Instagram to cast as wide of a net as possible across multiple services.

Another aspect of social media marketing that is tipped to blow up is podcasting. “One of the biggest advantages of podcasts is that the format lends itself to reaching your audience [where] few other digital channels can: in the car,” said Evan Prohop, a writer for Top Rank. “[Through] what other channel can you expect to engage your audience in an intimate environment for such an extended period?” Podcast listeners are often “superfans” of the brands they engage with, so catering to them can only benefit you. Speaking of superfans, influencer marketing through social media is also set to become increasingly important this year. “By empowering your best customers to spread the word for you,” said Stephanie Frasco of Social Media Today, “you can gain trust in a new audience and hopefully turn them into new customers.”


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