There are two kinds of processes. The first is little more than an order of operations; you have to do some steps before others. The second kind is what you really want from an agency, one that not only shows you what will happen but also proves to you why it works.

At Deksia, our process is a repeatable system that creates marketing assets for our clients that work like magic. How? By first deeply understanding your vision and then communicating it with bracing clarity to your ideal customers.



The Deksia Process


Great Marketing Strategy Starts With Great Listening

In depth discovery harnesses the knowledge you need to create your brand’s fundamental building blocks and develop a strategy that finally moves the needle for your business.

We use every detail discovered in our process to empower you with ready-to-go messaging that aligns with your brand and communicates clearly what you want to get across to your target audience. We craft a marketing plan that strategically prioritizes tactics to launch winning campaigns and prepare us for the core of our process: Create.


Creativity Brings Your Message to Life

We’ve combined business intelligence with world-class creativity. Why? Because with creation at the center of our process, it becomes a formula for marketing that can transform your business and create a foundation for sustainable growth for years to come.

Regardless of your brand’s needs, we create the powerful assets that will captivate your audience, turn them into customers, and make your message one to be remembered.


Marketing Success Should be Measured With ROI (Not Awards)

The world is littered with advertising campaigns that win awards at galas but fall short in the measure that counts most: the ROI of your marketing investment.

We design every campaign to be measured so that we have the information we need to tell us not just how well your marketing is working, but why, so you have the data you need to do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t.

Ultimately, How Quickly You Improve Matters More than How Fast You Start

Our process is designed to create marketing that works quickly. And yet, we believe (and know from experience) that the most important breakthroughs in your marketing come after it’s launched and we see real customers responding.

We also know adjustment happens along two paths: first, distribution, so we do more of what’s working and less of what isn’t; and second, ideate and test, which is where we generate new ideas and test them in an effort to beat your best tactics and keep your marketing ahead of your competitors’.


Example report cover


Growth doesn’t just happen; you need a plan to achieve it. We craft marketing plans that clarify your message, and put that message in front of the right audience at the right time. We distribute your message across the channels and media that offer you the best ROI.


Your brand is your reputation, and your reputation is your greatest asset. We build brands that customers trust and clients love. We clarify your brand and align your business to attract leads and turn those leads into customers.

AccuFoam barrels
Eagle Creek Homes website


A website isn’t just a collection of pages, it’s a tool to show people who you are and convince them to buy into your business. We construct high-design, structure-based web pages that deliver results.


We utilize storytelling to create powerful, emotional experiences that your audience will remember. Photo and Video aren’t just crucial for creating eye-catching designs, it’s the most powerful way to tell your story.

Hylant video on display
Sample social media posts on phones


Advertising platforms like Google and Facebook are the most powerful advertising mediums ever invented. We help you target your message with pinpoint accuracy to reach your ideal customers, create strategies that plug the leaks in your sales process, and harness data to generate eye-popping ROI.