Every Company
Has a Brand

We Help Our Clients Create & Manage Theirs

Your brand is the sum total of what people think, feel, and remember when they encounter your company. Your brand is your reputation in the marketplace and the animating personality with which you communicate with, create for, and serve your customers. It doesn’t exist as a logo on a sign or a business card; it lives in the hearts and minds of your customers.

You Can’t Build a Brand
the Way You Used To

The crowning achievement for most brand-building agencies, their standard of excellence, is a Superbowl ad. These 30-second movies feature impossibly attractive people having more fun than is humanly possible, all because they’re drinking beer that was delivered by a team of noble stallions. The problem is that this approach to building a brand doesn’t work for most businesses and it works less well today than ever before.

Traditional brand advertising assumes you have a Fortune 500’s budget (and are willing to waste most of it). Its strategies and tactics appeal to a mass market and depend on endless repetition. That’s effective if you’re Coca-Cola and can afford to wait for your marketing to pay off. It’s not so great if you need more customers today.

There are more competitors than ever before. Traditional branding worked best at retail. It divided limited shelf space into bargain, mid-priced, and higher-quality tiers. Today, there are so many competitors, customers buy brands with which they have a relationship.

Today, customers talk back. Between online reviews, tweets that can send stock prices crashing, and other technology that amplifies word of mouth, today, your customer has just as much say into the meaning of your brand as you do (and sometimes even more).

The Deksia Approach

We Build Brands From the Inside Out

At Deksia, we believe the only way to build a world-class brand today for your business is from the inside out. Here’s what that looks like:


Our process begins with discovery. We engage you to uncover the truths of your business and your vision for it. And we interview your customers and audit your competitors to understand how your business is perceived today and why.


We then create a brand strategy. Your Story Architecture is the foundation of a brand that aligns your message to captivate prospects and turn them into customers and your Message Inventory positions your brand to vanquish your competitors.


Once we refine the interior, animating spirit of your brand, then and only then do we unleash our world-class creative talent to create the external, customer-facing assets that represent your brand.

The Result?

A Brand That Transforms Your Business

Captivate Your Prospects

Grab the attention of prospects and pique their interest. Your brand will help you stand out from your competition and be noticed.

Turn Them Into Customers

An authentic, well-designed brand is the most cost-effective way to demonstrate to your prospects they can trust your business.

Triple Your Marketing ROI

You’ll be noticed more, convert more, and be remembered more. That’s 3x more ways you get more mileage from every marketing dollar you spend.

"They have great designers but also have some really great ideas about how to reach clients in a different way."


Success By Design

We believe you need a repeatable system to get customers.

One that will deliver sales over and over so you can quit feeling frustrated and helpless. Quit wasting time and money, and be empowered to focus on what is important to you rather than sales.


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