Marketing Strategy

The Plan You
Need to Grow
Your Business

It Takes More Than Wishful Thinking to Grow Your Business

Everyone knows you need a marketing plan if you’re going to grow your business month after month, year after year. We’ll start your plan by finding the right messages and then put those messages in front of the right audience at the right time. We’ll help you make competitive offers. And finally, we’ll help you distribute it across the channels and media that offer you the best ROI today.

We Create ROI Plans, Not Spending Plans

Most marketing plans for most of the history of marketing have been tantamount to media plans. They focused almost exclusively on how to buy attention: What ads would the agency create? In what sizes?
Where would they run? For how often?

To this day, most marketing plans are created with the same mindset. The only difference is that today, the media marketing plan your agency gives you probably includes digital channels and your website. The problem is that traditional marketing plans promote a tactics-first, new-work-first mindset. 

Today, however, the success of your marketing depends on how well all your marketing assets complement each other. How you attract eyeballs is only one ingredient to your marketing success—necessary, but not sufficient (and often not the most important). 

Today, attention can’t just be bought; it has to be earned. Gone are the days when you could buy a primetime spot on all three networks and have 80% of the country notice you. You need to be authentic,    

Once you have your customers’ attention, keeping it has never been more difficult. It’s not just your competitors and other advertisers: the social media networks, entertainment providers, games, and even your next-door neighbor are competing for your audience’s attention and they’re all just one click away. You need to stay in front of your target audience so you connect even after they’re distracted.

It takes a comprehensive multi-channel, multi-message, longterm approach to succeed. ROI today takes more than one or two good ads. You need great ads, a comprehensive strategy, and the discipline to harness data and evolve your message to continuously improve your results.

The Deksia Approach

We Love It When a Plan Comes Together.

Deksia was founded by entrepreneurs to serve entrepreneurs. Our history of business ownership gives us the business intelligence necessary to help you prioritize your budget and maximize your ROI. We don’t invest your hard-earned capital in speculative, awards-seeking art projects. Instead, we measure our success by the profits we earn for our clients.

The foundation of your ROI-maximizing marketing plan is your most important marketing asset: your marketing message and brand strategy. Everything in your marketing plan must work to strengthen your identity, connect with your ideal customers, and differentiate you from your competitors.

We then use your brand strategy to audit your existing assets and advertising campaigns. This comprehensive analysis identifies:

• What’s working well and we can do more of
• What isn’t working well and needs to be improved
• Where there are gaps and how to fill them
• Which new opportunities should be pursued and how to prioritize them

We then work with you to craft your marketing plan for the next 12 months. The resulting plan ensures you’re investing your time and attention where it will have the highest return. Together we establish priorities, sequence dependencies, and put a discipline of testing and iteration in place to unleash a cycle of continuous improvement.

Your marketing plan doesn’t end with your marketing plan, however. With all our clients, we maintain a regular pulse meeting every 4-6 weeks where we can check in on progress, adjust to new developments and opportunities, and ensure we remain aligned with your goals.

The Result?

Marketing that Creates Massive ROI

Focus Creates Momentum

Tactics-first marketing scatters your energy and attention and results in initiatives that pull in opposite directions. When you choose us, you’ll have a comprehensive marketing plan that focuses your energy to achieve your most important goals.

Process Gives You Control

We use our expertise to achieve your goals. Your participation in strategy formation and the marketing planning process, coupled with our on-going meeting pulse, ensures you have complete visibility into your marketing.

Triple Your Digital Marketing ROI

You’ll get more leads, convert more leads into customers, and increase the value of your customer relationships. That’s 3x more ways you get more mileage from every marketing dollar you spend.

"They assessed all of the information before they started telling us what we needed to do differently."


Success By Design

We believe you need a repeatable system to get customers.

One that will deliver sales over and over so you can quit feeling frustrated and helpless. Quit wasting time and money, and be empowered to focus on what is important to you rather than sales.


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