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Today, with the emergence of sophisticated digital marketing platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, your customers’ appetite for video and other visual media is insatiable. Distribution is cheap. Engagement is up. We’re living through the Golden Age for video marketing and photography.

We’ve invested in top talent to ensure our clients’ have video and photo assets that do their stories justice. Join the photo/video revolution today.

Photo & Video Ads

Adapting content for multiple platforms.

One of the most important things to understand about photo and video content is how it can be edited for a range of different uses. Using these assets properly in your paid campaigns can help increase engagement.

Social Media Content

Gaining brand awareness through organic content.

Having a library of organic content is key to building strong brand awareness. It allows for your brand to introduce your team, products, or services and more casually engage with your audience.

Long Form Videos for Your Website

Telling the deeper brand story.

Having longer-form video content for your website is important for customers who want to have a deeper dive into your business and what you stand for. This type of content is great for a potential customer who’s seen shorter videos and wants to learn more.

Today, Photo & Video Are Both More Precious and Plentiful

For most of the history of marketing, video and photography were rarified specialties. Television campaigns that cost $1 million or more to shoot and edit. Still images at $10,000 – $50,000 per day. Shoots were difficult, time-consuming, and few and far between.

In recent years, some agencies have augmented specialist subcontractors with internal staff. Digital media requires a lot of images. These agencies obliged, with results of questionable quality.

Today, however, the game has changed. The problem is that neither the old, cumbersome big-budget approach nor the lightweight, questionable-quality approaches fit the needs of most clients.

Traditional, specialist subcontractors are slow, cumbersome, and expensive. While the best still produces excellent work, the extra overhead, expense, and friction are too slow for today’s fast-paced advertising landscape. Plus, their artistic independence often results in work that advances their vision, not your strategy. 

Most agency’s staff photographers and videographers don’t measure up. It’s no longer enough to just have a video; it has to be really good. It’s no longer enough to have your own photography; it has to look good to audiences accustomed to the very best.

Delivering on the promise of video and photography for your marketing requires a fluid collaborative approach. You need both top talent and the kind of cooperation that only develops on a well-developed team to take maximum advantage of the marketing opportunities that now exist for you in photo and video production.

The Deksia Approach

Video & Photography that Is Good, Fast, and Efficient.

At Deksia, we believe that photography and video are essential media for marketing success today. And not just because today’s digital media needs photo and video assets, but also because photo and video assets have insights that strengthen the rest of your marketing, too.

That’s why we’ve committed significant resources toward recruiting and retaining top-quality video and photography talent. From initial concepts to marketing planning, narrative development, and the execution of photo and video projects, our internal photo and video department enhances everything we do for our clients.

The Result?

Video and Photography Turbocharge Your Marketing

Grow Your Audience

Compelling custom photography grabs attention. Stop your ideal customers from scrolling past your ads and make your brand come alive on your website, in your ads, and in your brochures and other print collateral.

Turn Them Into Customers

Video is the most authentic medium to communicate who you are and what makes you special. Your audience can read words claiming you care; on video, however, they feel how much you care. It’s the difference between a lightning bug and lightning.

More Bang for Your Buck

Unlike a specialist subcontractor, we’re measured on the ROI of your marketing campaigns. Where photo and video vendors are reliant on maximizing their earnings on each asset through complex usage and royalty schemes, we’re able to provide you more assets from every shoot and give you the freedom to succeed with them.

"The production process was highly collaborative. As a former DP, it was nice to be able to speak the same planning and technical language. We worked together closely through pre-production, scouting, casting, and shooting..."


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We believe you need a repeatable system to get customers.

One that will deliver sales over and over so you can quit feeling frustrated and helpless. Quit wasting time and money, and be empowered to focus on what is important to you rather than sales.


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