Photo & Video Discovery

Goals & Expectations

The first step in the discovery process is establishing the purpose of content and expectations around producing it.

  • Is this content conversion or brand awareness focused?
  • How will you measure ROI on this?
  • What is the target audience for this?


One of the most important parts of producing photo and video assets is the people and locations used to compose them.

  • Who do we want to use for the people within your content? Do we have access to your employees or do we need to hire talent?
  • What do we want as the backdrop for the content we will be producing? If we’re using your facilities what are some of our limitations?


A majority of this will come from data through our strategy facilitation but do you have examples of photos or videos that match the style you are aiming for?

  • Do you have any examples that match the content you want to be produced?


What can you expect next with your project?

  • Our team will use this information to guide further pre-production planning, one of the next documents you will receive from our team will details project timelines, goals, and other important details.

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