Photo & Video
for Accufoam


Introducing a magician brand to the spray foam market.

As this brand came to market our team at Deksia helped with the naming and branding of Accufoam. The new B2B brand needed to gain credibility and awareness in a competitive market. Photo and video assets were a core part of the marketing strategy to accomplish this. The results were incredible.

The following is a case study that explains our approach, the execution, and the results that followed.

The Strategy

Building a brand from the perspective that matters the most,
your customers.

Through our research and development of the Accufoam brand, we were able to understand the beliefs and needs of the customers they served. This helped us with building supporting stories and finding an archetype that the brand would be best represented by. Once we knew they were a magician brand it helped to guide us in how we needed to say and show what Accufoam does. Additionally, we knew the best way to get buy-in from other consumers was to create social proof content through testimonials. This gave us a clear road map of tactics we needed to use to implement the strategy.

Key components in this part of the process:

  • Research & Development
  • Archetype guidance
  • Creating supporting stories
  • Testimonials


Laying out a plan for how to best capture the brand in the real world.

This part of the process is key for making sure we represent the brand in an authentic but realistic way. Our photo and video team started with creating interview questions that were focused on the two characters in this story; foam experts at Accufoam and consumers spraying the products. Once we had a good idea of the story we needed to tell we began developing shot list and project briefs that went into details around how we needed to approach filming. One of the main challenges with this project was trying to line up contractors to film on-site while our team being remote states away. Having clearly laid out call sheets helped us lock these in with confidence.

Key components in this part of the process:

  • Creating a project brief, which included the following components:
    • A list of interview questions
    • Story arch breakdowns
    • Mood boards and shot list
    • Shooting schedules


Filming and photographing images for this project took place on-location over two days, during these two days we filmed at three different locations. Our visuals were focused on showing the quality of products and customer service at the Accufoam facility, while also showing it in use in the field. This gave us the opportunity to capture two interviews with contractor companies using the foam. This whole production took place in Alabama.

Post Production

Once we had the custom content for the project filmed and photographed, we were able to start digging into editing. In this phase of the project, our team worked to organize all the content to be easy to navigate as we began to dial in the storyline that told the escape and arrival of the contractors using Accufoam products. After our internal team reviewed the assets and made the right revisions to dial in the video we sent them to the client for review/approval.

What We Delivered

From planning to delivery of the final assets.

After the right plan going into production for the project, we were able to deliver a wide range of assets to help us better position the brand and meet the needed of the strategy proposed.

List of Deliverables:

  • Flagship Video
  • YouTube Video Ads
  • Facebook Video Ads
  • Company Headshots
  • Photo/Video Library of Accufoam team and contractors


The Results

Measuring the data after releasing the videos into the world.

YouTube Advertising

  • 900k Impressions
  • 131k Brand interaction
  • 1 in 5 Users watch the entire advertisement
  • 1 in 6 Users engaged with the brand from an advertisement
  • Nearly half of users watch 50% or more of an advertisment

Facebook Advertising

  • 304k Users Reached
  • Over 1.8 Million Impressions
  • An average of 6 brand impressions per user
  • Over 150 leads requesting pricing from distributors and contractors

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