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Glossary & Standard Project Flow

Standard Project Flow

Step One


At the start of every project, the discovery phase plays a major role in solidifying goals and expectations for the project. This usually starts with meeting our photo and video team to talk through the project flow and laying out what we need from your team to produce a successful project.

Step Two


At this point, we have laid out our concept for how we plan to handle the project. This is where our team will work in collaboration with you to layout the needed talent, locations, and a buttoned-up schedule for our production days. Depending on the type of production this phase can also entail scriptwriting, storyboarding, selecting additional crew, or hiring out needed actors for higher-end spots.

Step Three


Depending on the type of project this part can either take place in a studio or on location. Within each setting, our team works to produce the planned content through a collaboration between the talent and our clients. Most of the content we create is lit with multiple lights and staged to show the best within your brand.

Step Four

Post Production

Once we reach this part of the project, our photo and video team digs into editing content to be ready to live in the world. Depending on the types of deliverables this can entail anything from building story arch through video interviews to processing images for final use. At this point, we keep you in the loop as we have content for review and feedback before implementation.

Step Five


Once content reaches this part of the project, we work internally to put your content into the world. Whether that be placing it on a website or embedding it into digital advertising. This part is key for helping reach the goals we established at the start of the project.


Common language we use when talking about photo and video projects.

Call Sheets

This document is used to give details for a shoot focused on timing, a description of what we are capturing, and who’s needed at what times.

Call Times

The time at which talent or crew members are expected to be on location and ready to be photographed or filmed.

A-Roll (Interviews)

The primary footage used in a video is sometimes referred to as talking head content.


This is support content that will be used to cover interview content and help to enhance a story by showing related content to the story.

Shot List 

A detailed list calling out important information on the necessary images needed for a given project.


This refers to the people who will appear on the screen. Whether that be in interviews, b-roll, or images.

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