Your brand is the sum total of what people think, feel, and remember when they encounter your company. A strong brand gets remembered and generates results. Today, customers buy from companies that they feel connected to. We create authentic brands that clarify your message and overall look and feel to captivate prospects, turn them into customers, and triples your marketing ROI.

SHAREHOLDER DISCOVERY: Developing an effective strategy begins with understanding your objectives and situation. The engagement begins with a one-hour interview with the project lead to discover what you want to accomplish, who your customers are, and the key features of your brand. The output of this meeting is a facilitation plan to make the most efficient use of shareholder time and ensure the relevant issues are addressed.
(1 hour, up to 3 people)

SHAREHOLDER FACILITATION: You and your key personnel give life to your brand every day. We believe no agency can ever know more about your business, your customers, and your market than you will. In this stage, we facilitate you and your key personnel to clarify what your brand is today and align your message with what your customers want and need.
(estimate provides for one two-hour session, for one brand, one audience, and one core service)

BRAND PERSONALITY ARCHETYPE: The most recognizable and effective brands each have a distinct personality that customers intuitively understand. Using psychological archetypes, we work with you to engineer that personality to be both true to who you are and magnetic to the customers you desire to attract.
(75-minute meeting)

BRAND AUDIT: We audit your visual, written, and digital communications, evaluating your current brand and sales communication in light of your goals, brand personality, story architecture, and strategic direction. This phase determines which messages and tactics you should keep, which you should change, and what new tactics and messaging might be necessary to achieve your goals.

MARKETING STRATEGY: A Marketing Strategy creates a clear course of action. It’s the bridge between Brand Strategy and Tactic Creation. Each plan is specifically tailored in light of your strategy and brand audit to achieve your objectives. Strategies and tactics are identified to reach the right audiences with the right messages at the right time. Budgets are created. The next steps are planned.

LOGO AND BRAND MOCKUP: After selecting your archetype and formulating your brand strategy, it’s time to bring your brand to life. That process begins with refining and creating a logo to represent your brand. Your logo will be designed with typography, colors, and design elements that are created to align the overall brand look and feel of your brand with your archetype. The design is presented on its own as well as mocked-up in the context of executions anticipated in your marketing plan to validate the expressiveness of your new brand across the full range of applications. Placeholder images and illustrations incorporated to show the general visual direction
(estimate provides for one concept and two rounds of revision)

To get the most value from your brand, you need to be able to use it consistently. To that end, each brand development project is completed only once a Brand Guide is created that documents the architecture of your brand. At Deksia, our Brand Guide is 16-pages long, deliverable as a PDF. Each brand guide includes a color palette (up to four colors specified), brand typography system (up to two typefaces with usage), basic guidelines for images, illustration, and photography, as well as documenting appropriate use of your logo in up to five real-life situations. Your Brand Guide also includes a Story Architecture that documents the voice, tonality and critical psychology employed in the written communication of your brand.

TOTAL: $15,000