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Digital marketing platforms like Facebook and Google provide access to sophisticated marketing tools and campaigns that can transform your business. We can collect data to continue refining content to stay in front of the right target audience. Digital Marketing is the number one most successful way to gain brand awareness and generate results.


SHAREHOLDER DISCOVERY: Developing an effective strategy begins with understanding your objectives and situation. The engagement begins with a one-hour interview with the project lead to discover what you want to accomplish, who your customers are, and the key features of your brand. The output of this meeting is a facilitation plan to make the most efficient use of shareholder time and ensure the relevant issues are addressed.
(1 hour, up to 3 people)

STRATEGY FACILITATION: We believe no agency can ever know more about your business, your customers, and your market than you will. In this stage, we facilitate you and your key personnel to clarify who your audience is, understand why they aren’t taking action today, and create a strategy to persuade them of beliefs and emotions they need to hold in order to get off the fence and buy. (estimate provides for one two-hour session, for one brand, one audience, and one core product or service)

MESSAGE & FUNNEL FACILITATION: Strategy without a plan to implement it is useless. In this fast-paced facilitation session, we engage you to identify the core messages that will make the strategy formulated in the previous facilitation actionable. You’ll know not just what false beliefs hold your customers back, but also exactly what stories, proofs, and claims you’ll use to overcome them. We finish by charting the path from ad to lead to sales process hand-off so that you get more customers from your digital marketing traffic.
(two-hour meeting)

ASSET AUDIT: We audit your existing digital marketing assets and website against the Messaging & Funnel Strategy created to identify any gaps in your digital marketing and conversion process. We highlight what’s working, spot any issues that need to be fixed, and identify assets you don’t have that need to be created.

DIGITAL MARKETING PLAN: With your strategy formulated, all that remains is to create a plan to build, launch, test, measure, and manage your digital marketing campaign. We create a clear summary of your strategy and itemize the specific tactics to facilitate rapid implementation.

TRACKING SETUP & DASHBOARD CREATION: Clients will receive a real-time dashboard that incorporates key performance indicators and marketing goals that occur on their website.
Dashboard data sources will include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Website Contact Form Submissions.

FULL ON-PAGE SEO AUDIT & BUILD OUT: Clients will receive a full SEO audit of their existing website. All HTML pages will be crawled and graded on current SEO best practices. Recommendations will be documented with outlined next steps. Keyword research will align web pages with targeted search terms to improve organic search results. All pages that require updating are published on the site with appropriate Schema markup and Google will be notified of changes.

SEO LINK BUILDING & CITATION CLEANUP: We increase online authority for your site by building links from credible domains and online site aggregators, while also cleaning up current or past business listings that are incorrect or duplicates. The result? Better organic search rankings and more traffic to your site. This process takes 3 months to complete, with the option of continued link building campaigns afterward.

3 MONTHS OF PAID DIGITAL ADVERTISING: SPEND, SETUP & MANAGEMENT: Our experts will recommend the best digital advertising platform for your brand, and build a campaign that is set up to deliver results. Targeting strategies will be put in place, clear tracking and reporting metrics will be established, and optimization strategies will take place on a weekly, even daily, basis. Campaign successes will be reported in the client’s real-time dashboard.

DIGITAL AD DESIGN: Digital campaigns will leverage professional video assets to harness more engagement from online audiences, which in effect, helps to reduce costs on the advertising platform. This works to stretch your marketing budget farther, while still delivering results. 3 video ad variations 15-20s longer will be created with 2 rounds of revisions allowed.
Ads will utilize existing assets such as photography, video footage, or approved stock video. Ads will then be produced and designed to fit brand guidelines.

TOTAL: $15,000

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