Marketing Strategy


Our marketing strategy is designed to uncover the truths of your brand and gain an understanding of the needs and wants of your customers so that we can create strategies and tactics that achieve long-term, forward-looking sustainable growth.

SHAREHOLDER DISCOVERY FACILITATION: Developing an effective strategy begins with understanding your objectives and situation. The engagement begins with a one-hour interview with the project lead to discovering what you want to accomplish, who your customers are, and the key features of your brand. The output of this meeting is a facilitation plan to make the most efficient use of stakeholder time and ensure the relevant issues are addressed. (75-minute session, up to 3 people)

SHAREHOLDER FACILITATION: You and your key stakeholders/personnel give life to your brand every day. We believe no agency can ever know more about your business, your customers, and your market than you will. In this stage, we facilitate you and your key personnel to clarify what your brand is today, align your message with what your customers want and need, and discover stories and language to shape the psychology of the messaging. (120-minute session, up to 4 people)

BRAND PERSONALITY ARCHETYPE FACILITATION: The most recognizable and effective brands each have a distinct personality that customers intuitively understand. Using psychological archetypes, we work with you to engineer that personality to be both true to who you are and magnetic to the customers you desire to attract. (75-minute session, up to 3 people)

BRAND AUDIT: Our department heads perform an audit on your visual, written, and digital communications, evaluating your current brand and sales communication in light of your goals, brand personality, messaging, and strategic direction. This phase determines which messages and tactics you should keep, which you should change, and what new tactics and messaging might be necessary to achieve your goals.

MARKETING STRATEGY PRESENTATION: A Marketing Strategy creates a clear course of action, built to serve as a foundation for determining specific tactics to accomplish marketing goals. It’s the bridge between different tactics to unify them, making them stronger together than they are alone. Each plan is tailored to your strategy and brand audit to achieve your objectives. The strategy and tactics are created to reach the right audiences with the right messages at the right time. Budgets are created. The next steps are planned. (60-minute session, up to 4 people)

TOTAL: $5,000