Are You Tired of Having Problems with Sales & Marketing?

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Stop feeling the chaos in your business.

You and your sales team are all-too-familiar with the looming dread that creeps over the meeting room each quarter when you gather to talk about sales and marketing. Frustrated and confused, your sales team failed to meet their sales goals again. You have a website. You have social media. You have all of the foundational pieces you’re supposed to have for marketing. So now what?

You’ve hired a marketing company in the past, and although the experience wasn’t pleasant, this haphazard, one-off tactic allowed you to barely scrape by the next quarter. But the quarter after that? Another missed sales goal, and another scramble to make it across the line.

The Age-Old Problem of Tactics vs. Strategy

Marketing plans have always just been spending plans, but what you need is an ROI plan. Traditional marketing promotes a tactics-first, new-work-first mindset. Today, however, your marketing’s success depends on how well all your marketing assets work together.

How you attract eyeballs is only one ingredient to your marketing success—necessary, but not sufficient (and often not the most important). It takes a comprehensive multi-channel, multi-message, long term approach to succeed. You need great ads (tactics), a comprehensive strategy, and the discipline to harness data to improve your results continuously.

The Deksia Solution

Proactive Marketing

Making marketing proactive is key to being able to set future goals, and to build complete marketing strategies composed of specific tactics. A proactive approach allows you to measure those tactics and techniques and pivot on them so that you can keep refining and polishing your marketing.

At Deksia, we do this every day to help business owners like you reach their goals and meet (or even exceed) their ROI. Through our process, you can have a comprehensive marketing plan that focuses your energy on achieving your most important goals.

You can finally stop feeling the whiplash of wasted time and energy on scattered marketing efforts that don’t work and start solving your marketing problems.

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Learn about the other two concepts for a full understanding of how to create marketing communications that work:

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Necessary beliefs your audience must hold

We believe that a thorough understanding of these three core areas and/or discussion of them within your team will have an instant effect on how you perceive marketing, especially the marketing that you are currently doing, and the way that you are attempting to communicate with your clients.

These packets will help cross sales and marketing efforts off of your “Issues List” and hit (or exceed) leads and sales goals.

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