Creating engaging content in the virtual world

Virtual Testimonial Video Guidelines

1. Clean audio is key

Audio is the first thing people notice if not done right.

Things to consider when setting up for a virtual interview:

  • Find a space with as little as possible background noise
  • Avoid being around loud air handling vents
  • Avoid being by high traffic areas, so you don’t have to worry about audio being effected

2. Lighting & Location

The best positioning to capture quality video for your story

Things to consider when setting up for a virtual interview:

  • Avoid having light sources behind you as you get ready for the interview
  • Natural light from windows is better than artificial overhead lighting
  • Be conscious of what is behind you and with in-camera view


3. Framing

Understanding how to position yourself within the video frame

Below is a diagram of how we recommend framing yourself during the interview. This allows for the best engagement with a balanced image.


4. Suggested Attire

Presenting you in the best way possible

Below is a list of things we recommend avoiding as attire during your interview:

  • Clothing with heavy patterns
  • Deeply saturated colors like orange, yellow, and red
  • Baggy clothing

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