E-Commerce Store Sees 100% Revenue Growth Following Lifestyle Rebrand

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E-Commerce Store Sees 100% Revenue Growth Following Lifestyle Rebrand


Made honest. Made pure. CBD lifestyle brand speaks to their online customers’ desires.

Made by Hemp is an e-commerce store that offers a curated selection of proven quality hemp products. From tinctures to beauty infusions, every product is carefully chosen to meet their customer’s lifestyle needs. They came to us with the goal of building brand awareness and determining their correct target market. Ultimately, they needed help implementing online tactics to convert the traffic they were getting into actual sales.

The Marketing Blueprint: A Proven Process

Using data gathered from shareholders, current clients, potential, clients, and competitors, we arrived at Made By Hemp’s Big Idea. “Premium quality & potency. Stories of success.” Using this guiding principle, we were able to see exactly where current messaging was missing the mark. From there, a thorough brand audit of all existing materials revealed which brand assets were working and which needed adjusting.

Audience & Consumer Persona:

Name: Jessica Hamilton
Age: 32
Occupation: Freelance Photographer
Location: San Diego, California


Key Consumer Ideas:


Brand Message Toolkit:


Adapting The Message:


content mangement for a more efficient e-commerce look

targeting the right message to clients

Style Guide:



Website Redesign:

e-commerce store website redesign


Results: 3 Months After Launch


During Made By Hemp’s initial brand audit, we suspected that poor web design was causing customers to leave the site without adding products to their cart or completing checkout.

Our suspicions turned out to be correct. With the improved design, the product add-to-cart rate increased by 116%.

Increased e-commerce store add-to-cart rates

Sessions with Product Views: 144% Increase

Sessions with Add to Cart: 116% Increase

Sessions with Checkout: 149% Increase


We also set up analytical tracking and reporting to monitor e-commerce performance. This gave us a clear look at the results.

*financials have been censored to protect client information


E-commerce Revenue: 100% Increase


Within 3 months of launching the new lifestyle website, Made by Hemp saw a 100% increase in revenue compared to the previous period. Not bad.



A good marketing strategy should always report a positive return on investment. The calculation is fairly simple:
*financials have been censored to protect client information
return on investement of e-commerce store

If you could give someone a dollar and they handed you back $10 and some change—how quickly would you go to the ATM?


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